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Scottish Surnames, Yates to Yule

YATES, Edmund (1831-94) of Edinburgh. Journalist and novelist. In 1874 he founded with Granville Murray a successful society weekly The World. He published over 20 novels.

A gate, a way, a passage - they bear three portcullises gules, in their arms.

A name given on account of age.

Young, Andrew (1807-89) of Edinburgh. Schoolmaster, poet and hymn writer. There is a Happy Land' his best known hymn.

Young, Andrew John (1885-1971) of Elgin. Clergyman and poet. Was Canon of Chichester Cathedral (1948-). His many nature poems incl. 'Boaz and Ruth' (1920), The Bird Cage' (1926), The White Blackbird' (1935), The Green Man' (1947) and 'Into Hades' (1952), He also published Botanical essays. Was awarded the Queen's Medal for Poetry in 1952.

Young, Arthur P. (1885-) of Ayrshire? Founder and Vice-President, Institute of Works Managers. Chairman, Confederation of Manage-ment Assocs. (1938-48) and of Institute of Works Managers (1934-50).

Young, James (1811-89) of Glasgow. Industrial chemist. His experiments (1847-50) led to the manufacture of paraffin oil and solid paraffin on a large scale from shale. Was the founder of the world's first Com-mercial Oil Works (1851). Was sometimes known as 'Paraffin Young'. He amassed a large fortune, and was a great friend and financial supporter of David Livingstone. Elected FRS in 1873.

Young, Ruth, of Dundee. Prof. of Surgery, Delhi Medical Coll. (1916-17), Director, Maternity and Child Welfare Bureau, Indian Red Cross (1931-35). Adviser, Ethiopian Women's Work Assoc. on Welfare (1943).

Young, Thomas (1587-1655) of Perthshire. Puritan Divine. Was Milton's tutor till 1622. He later held charges in Hamburg and Essex.

Young, Thomas (1893-) of Kilmarnock. Major-General (1949), Director of Medical Services, Far East Land Forces (1948) and Director, Army Health (1949-53). Retired 1953.

Christmas. The name was probably first given to one born at that time.

Yule, Sir Henry (1820-89) of Inveresk. Geographer, orientalist and author. Served in the Bengal Engineers (1840-62). Sat on the Indian Council (1875-87), Wrote Cathay and the Way Thither (1866) and a book on Marco Polo (1871). Attained distinction with others in the restoration and development of the irrigation system of the Moguls.

Yule, Joseph-better known as Mickey Rooney (1920-). His father was Joseph Yule of Edinburgh. Has been a famous Hollywood star actor from his early teens.

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