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Scottish Team Building

Scottish Team Building

Scottish Team Building

Scottish Team Building

Scottish Team Building

Scottish Team Building

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Scottish Team Building

At Nae Limits in Dunkeld, Scotland, we understand that not everyone likes team building ! For this reason we prefer to work with you to come up with a suitable itinerary that will interest the participants and make them feel invigorated when they depart. However listed below are a few ideas of half and full days which we have run - and know work well.

Option 1 "Team Challenge"
A half day team bonding exercise within one of Scotland's original forests. Involves 4-5 mental and physical agility games and puzzles specifically designed to encourage teamwork and communication. Examples may be: Blind Knot, Crate Climb, Tricky Tree Trunk Traverse etc. Points are scored per team and prizes awarded at the end.

Option 2 "Orientate and challenge"
Set in one of Scotland's original forests, this is a full day of team building and bonding involving orienteering and team challenges. The teams are encouraged to orientate their way through the forest to find their task. Upon arrival, careful planning and communication will aid them in completing the tasks in order to gain vital clues. Each clue collected is used during the final session to unravel sentences key to your companies goals and objectives. Fun, challenging and highly recommended. For smaller groups this can be amended to a half day exercise.

Option 3 "Team Fun"
Not all team building has to involve games and puzzles. Many of our more adventurous sports naturally help build teams and bond groups together. For these half day activities, a competitive element can be included:
- Whitewater rafting
- Canyonning
- Sphere Mania
- Cliff jumping
- Clay pigeon shooting
- River Bugs
- Abseiling
- Quad biking

Option 4 "Challenge with choice"
Combine Option 1 and 3 to make a perfect day of team challenge and fun. We normally suggest a land based team session in the morning , followed by a hearty lunch then a bit of fun in the afternoon. For the more faint hearted in the group - a health club option can be arranged in the afternoon.

Option 5 "Nae Limits Highland Games"
The games begin with a piper welcoming the participants to the Highland grounds. On arrival - your kilted instructors will introduce you to some of the most fun games for team challenges. The balanced pillow fights, the tug'o'war, the ball and bucket are just some of the games guaranteed to get the group working together and having fun on the way. At the end - over a nip of whiskey the final winning team will be revealed.

Option 6 "Nae Limits Rafting Safari"
"Nae Limits Rafting Safari" - cost tbc

Probably the ultimate in adventure and excitement. Our rafting safari's and expeditions take some beating and offer a full 2 days worth of entertainment and fun.

Arrive the night before at your accommodation of which we offer a choice between a rustic hostel or hotel. Over dinner, the team will receive a briefing on the challenge that lies ahead. Together team are encouraged to plan and organise themselves for the following days and night - making kit lists and maps in order to reach their overnight stop.

Day One
Start with a Whitewater raft trip then a Treasure challenge - the treasure being your tents and food ! You will be asked to set up camp and prepare a 3 course meal (to feed yourselves and your hungry guides !). An evening of relaxation and merriment will relax the mind and after some final planning for the next day - the sounds of the forest should induce a well earned rest.

Day Two
Reboard your rafts for a team building/rafting challenge. The 5 mile challenge includes a well earned lunch stop. After all this we are sure you will be relaxed, refreshed and have enjoyed a great time outdoors !

Nae Limits, 14 The Cross, Dunkeld,
Perthshire, Scotland
Tel: 01350 727242

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