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The Law KillersThe Law Killers: True Crime from Dundee True crime from Dundee City, covering the most fascinating and chilling cases from the last century. Every town has its monsters. But only when their rage explodes and unspeakable crimes are committed do we realise we hold them in our midst. Some are unpredictable psychopaths, others achieve notoriety after a moment of madness when a single out-of-character act changes their lives forever. One thing is for certain, homicide comes in many guises,– the only thing most have in common is a corpse. In The Law Killers, journalist Alexander McGregor examines some of the people and deeds, which have terrorised Dundonian communities. Having reported on many of them first-hand, he has unique insight into the cases and they are as chilling as they are compelling.

Crimelord: The Tam McGraw Story Crimelord is the absorbing biography of elusive multimillionaire gangster Tam McGraw, who rose from extreme poverty in the East End of Glasgow to become one of Scotland's wealthiest men. Scottish True Crime.

The Last GodfatherThe Last Godfather: The Life and Crimes... One dark night in London during the 1960s, the city's famous twins in crime, the Krays, were holding court in their busy nightclub when they were told somebody wanted to see them. This in itself was audacious enough but what happened next simply beggared belief. There, on the Krays' home turf, the stranger who had made this bold request pulled a sawn-off shotgun from under his coat and demanded that Ron kiss his brother Reg's arse. As Ron knelt and complied with what he'd been asked to do, the grim-faced man smirked and, in a strong Glasgow accent, announced, 'Ma name's Arthur Thompson - ye'll remember me!' Backing out and still holding the gun, Thompson jumped into a waiting cab and sped off through the streets of London This is the opening of The Last Godfather, the true story of Arthur Thompson as it has never been told before. Scottish True Crime.

Glasgow Ice Cream WarsFrightener: Glasgow Ice Cream Wars In the early 1980s, a war was being waged on the streets of Glasgow by rival ice-cream van owners for control of lucrative areas. This book describes how it escalated into violence that culminated in the death of six members of the same family in an arson attack on their home.

Glasgow's Hard MenGlasgow's Hard Men: True Crime from the... Glasgow is an energetic and powerful city of many moods and faces. For more than 100 years, the city has been known, worldwide, for gangsterism, violence and villainy. But the criminals - many of them the product of slum areas with some of the worst poverty and deprivation in Europe - never had it easy as there were always a full cast of Glaswegian citizens ready to fight for good against the powers of darkness. Glasgow's long-running fight against crime is an enthralling story, peopled with a range of fascinating characters: a series of high-profile Chief Constables; cops on the beat, as hard as the men they faced; gang-busting judges and sheriffs; concerned men and women, trying to live a normal life. The gangs and the godfathers, the shadow of Barlinnie (the infamous Bar-L), Peter Manuel, Bible John, the Thompsons...these are the big stories of crime fighting in Glasgow, Scotland's second city, recorded day after day in the pages of The Herald, The Evening Times and The Sunday Herald. And after years of struggle, the battle was won with a remarkable turn around in the city's reputation, a change of face that helped win Glasgow the accolade, 'City of Culture'. Glasgow's Hard Men contains a host of gripping stories culled from the comprehensive archives of The Herald, The Evening Times and The Sunday Herald, fully illustrated with images from one of Europe's largest contemporary news picture collections.

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