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Shielings Food Scotland

Shielings Food Scotland

The celebrated eighteenth century traveller Thomas Pennant makes mention of shielings when writing of Glen Tilt, in Perthshire:

Ascend a steep hill, on the top of which we refreshed ourselves with some goat's whey, at a Shieling, or as it is sometimes called, Bothie, a dairy house, where the highland shepherds, or graziers, live during summer with their herds and flocks, and during that season make butter and cheese. Their whole furniture consists of a few horn spoons, their milking utensils, a couch formed of sods to lie on, and a rug to cover them. Their food oatcakes, butter or cheese, and often the coagulated blood of their cattle spread on their bannocks.  They drink milk, whey, and sometimes by way of indulgance, whisky.

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