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Studio PhotographyStudio Photography: Essential Skills (Photography Essential Skills S.) John Child has updated and improved his inspirational studio photography guide to further stimulate your creative ideas. Fully illustrated with brand new student and author work, a colour section is now also included to show the photographic effects to their full advantage. You are guided through the use of studio equipment for a wide variety of different purposes. With a strong commercial orientation, the emphasis is highly practical and focuses on technique, communication and design within the genres of still life, advertising illustration, portraiture and fashion. This successful guide is an essential tool for those working with small, medium and large format cameras in a controlled environment where the image output is to film or digital file. You are encouraged to experiment whether you have expensive equipment, or are using natural light sources; either way you will see how it is possible to achieve acceptable results and develop your skills. Studio Photography.

Creative Lighting Techniques for Studio PhotographersCreative Lighting Techniques for Studio Photographers This definitive guide to studio lighting explains and demonstrates universal lighting principles that help photographers to think on their feet and master lighting theory and technique. Explained are essential concepts such as why light behaves the way it does and how to manipulate it to its best effect. Concrete, practical examples illustrate topics such as shooting light, dark, and reflective surfaces; mastering contrast control; modifying shadow formation to effectively shape mid- and light-coloured objects; creating definition in black objects; and using Photoshop to fine-tune subjects. Instruction is also provided on creating simulated sunlight, painting with light, using softening filters, and lighting subjects in motion. Compelling photographs and numerous lighting diagrams are included. Studio Photography.

Basic Studio LightingBasic Studio Lighting: The Photographer's Complete Guide to Professional Techniques A guide to mastering the complexities of one of the most important aspects of making a photograph: proper lighting. The author explores how to use equipment properly and suggests ways of utilising colour and light to create special effects. He also discusses exposures, accent lighting, backgrounds, set-ups and many other studio techniques. Such techniques are often illustrated with colour photographs in a step-by-step manner. Studio Photography.

Beginners Guide to Photographic LightingBeginners Guide to Photographic Lighting: Techniques for Success in the Studio or on Location Don Marr demonstrates everything you need to begin sculpting light. First, he shows how to select the light sources and modifiers that actually work, whether film or digital. Next, he shows how to use a variety of lighting styles and when breaking the rules can actually lead to increased success. Created for advanced amateurs and photography students, this book includes helpful lighting diagrams and practical lessons with step-by-step text so photographers can follow along with their own equipment. Studio Photography.

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