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The Cape Wrath Ghost

In the extreme north-east of Sutherland the angry sea
has created many beautiful bays, including the one
known as Sandwood Bay about five miles south of Cape
Wrath. It is said to be the haunting ground of a ghostly
seaman. Sandwood Bay is a very bleak spot in winter,
and driftwood and wreckage are often found after
winter gales. Both summer visitors and local crofters
collecting driftwood have told of the strange apparition
described as a tall seaman wearing sea boots, cap and a
dark jacket with brass buttons.

Some locals have been so frightened by the appearance of the ghostly figure that they have dropped their
bundles of driftwood and run from the scene. Others, of
a stronger heart, have tried to make contact but when
they move forward towards the figure, it suddenly dis-
appears leaving no trace of any footprints in the sand.
Throughout the years the remains of many drowned
seaman have been found in this particular bay. Local
legend has it that the figure seen is one of the drowned

A partly ruined cottage stands nearby, and people
seeking shelter within its walls have heard the sound of
ghostly footsteps. In one instance it is claimed that a
bearded face wearing a sailor’s cap was seen looking in
at one of the windows. Visitors who stayed in
the cottage overnight also heard the sound of heavy
footsteps inside the building.

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