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The Hogmanay Companion

The Hogmanay CompanionThe Hogmanay Companion: Millennium... This volume reveals the origins of New Year's Eve, or Hogmanay as the Scots term has it. Hugh Douglas takes the reader from the remotest beginnings of the festival through 18th- and 19th-century developments and up to the millennium. The book explores many of the puzzling aspects of the New Year's celebrations, including: why a tall, dark stranger at midnight?; why carrying a lump of coal; and why can the first-foot never be a fair person no matter how firm a friend? The author also explores how the name "Hogmanay" was derived and what it means, and offers songs and food and drink recipes. A Hangover Helpline is also provided for those who have over-indulged!

The Scottish Hogmanay HandbookThe Scottish Hogmanay Handbook: The... Complete Guide to Celebrating New Year in True Scottish Style. The Scottish Hogmanay Handbook is a wonderful, easy-to-read, fun-filled guide to the time-honoured traditions surrounding New Year and its celebration. Ideal both as a party guide and as a gift for friends and family! So what's in it?

Chapter One - Happy Hogmanay! Hogmanay in Scotland, Essential Ingredients for a Scottish Hogmanay.

Chapter Two - Getting Ready for Hogmanay, Planning your Hogmanay Party, Preparing Some Traditional Food, Hogmanay Drinks, Avoiding the Hogmanay Hangover.

Chapter Three - Hogmanay's Here: Hogmanay Customs, It's Party Time! Party Games, Minutes to Midnight.

Chapter Four - Happy New Year to One An A': Following Scotland's New Year's Day Customs, Your New Year's Day Breakfast, Your New Year's Day Dinner.

Chapter Five - Fireside Stories to Tell: The Hunter of the Hills, The Mystery of Eilean Mor.

Conclusion, Glossary & Index.

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