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Arbroath Abbey (Historic Scotland S.)

Arbroath Abbey

Arbroath Abbey
(Historic Scotland S.)

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"Arbroath or Aberbrothock, a royal burgh in Forfarshire, situated at the estuary of the river Brothock. The parish of Arbroath or Aberbrothock, is of small extent, being an erection about two centuries ago, of the town and royalty into a separate parish from St Vigeans, in which it was formerly included. It lies in the direction of the Great North Road, about 17 miles East of Dundee. The body of the town consists of one street, nearly half a mile in length, running north and south from the sea, and another on the west side of smaller extent. Both these are intersected by cross streets, and are in general well built, though without much regularity. To the eastward of the town, and locally situated in the parish of St Vigeans, there are two neat regular streets; at the top of one of which is situated an elegant chapel of ease, built about three years ago. On the west side of the river Brothock there are also several neat streets newly built, consisting chiefly of small houses of one storey, forming a suburb of considerable size. The harbour is small but commodius, and can be taken by vessels in a storm, when they cannot enter any neighbouring ports. It is defended by a neat battery , mounting six 12-pounders, erected in 1783, on account of an attack made by a small privateer, commanded by one Captain Fall during the American War." (edited from The Gazetteer of Scotland, W Chalmers, Dundee 1803)

The Declaration of Arbroath: History,... Significance, Setting.

The Arbroath and Forfar Railway: The... The Dundee Direct Line and the Kirriemuir Branch.

Old Arbroath Evocative pictures of Arbroath's fishing community give a realistic portrayal of what life was like for the children and adults who depended on the sea for a living. There's fishwife Liza Swan carrying her heavy creel, and children with bare feet sitting on the ground baiting lines. Elsewhere in the book Arbroath is featured at play, with children enjoying a ride on one of Kerr's miniature trains, and crowds at the former open air swimming pool. All sorts of events, such as the arrival of the first German plane to crash in Scotland during the Second World War, and a fund-raising day for Arbroath Infirmary, are included, along with myriad pictures of rural, industrial and commercial life in this historic town.

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