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Castleton House Hotel, By Glamis, Angus, Scotland,
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Glamis Castle (Reports of the Research... Research Committee of the Society of Antiquaries of London)

"Glamis parish is large in extent, being about twelve miles long by one to five miles broad. A portion of the Loch of Forfar is within the boundary. On the north, the parish is bounded by Airlie and Kirriemuir, on the west by Eassie and Nevay, on the east by Forfar and Kinnettles, and on the south by Tealing, Auchterhouse and Newtyle. The northern part of the parish is completely level, only broken here and there by gentle uplands and grassy knolls. The soil is poor, being of a light sandy nature. In the central portion the soil is rich, and in the glens it is gravelly, yet good. The hills on the south are heatherclad, and contain stretches of moorland. The Glen of Ogilvy and Glen of Denoon are enclosed by three parallel ranges of the Sidlaws, the highest point of which, Craig-oul, 1493 feet above sea level." Glamis, A Parish History by John Stirton.

Glamis village is the main centre of population within the parish and there are a number of hamlets such as Milton, in the Glen of Ogilvy, and Jericho. The village of Charleston was built in the 1830's to the south of Glamis village on the road to Dundee.

Glamis Castle.
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Glamis Castle.
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Glamis Castle.
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Glamis Castle.
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