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Walk Snowdonia PeaksWalk Snowdonia Peaks (Walk Snowdonia S.) Snowdonia in North Wales hosts a spectacular mountain range where Everest climbers honed their skills before taking on the world's highest peaks. Described in this work is a mountain walking route over 20 Snowdonia summits, depicted by picture illustrations showing these mountains in winter snow. The works of Snowdonia's most famous bards are featured in this volume. Walk Wales.

Wye Valley WalkWye Valley Walk (Recreational Path Guides) The book leads the reader from north to south, contrary to many other books. The reasons are valid and were found to be appropriate. The description of the actual route makes the official route markers redundent, but I found myself using both, sometimes just to confirm the route being taken was correct. Without using any other tool, eg compass/OS map, I only went off track once and that for only 200yds. The prose used by the writer is non-repetative, accurate and, in some instances, quite charming, with a touch of appropriate humour. Being read before undertaking the walk, the book was easy to read and understand with no specialist knowledge being required. However, the seasoned walker would not be affronted by the level of the book. In summary, the book caters for all standards of walker, is suitable for day walks and those wishing to complete the whole route in one go, and will guide the reader throughout the whole journey without the need to buy the four or five Ordnance Survey maps required to cover the route. I would recommend purchasing this book if any, or all, of the route is to be walked or cycled.

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