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Willie Park Junior, The Man who took Golf to the World

Willie Park Junior

In the 19th century, Musselburgh, Scotland was a hotbed of golfing genius. The local links produced five Open Champions, and of these golfing greats, Willie Park Junior was undoubtedly more than just a good golfer. Park redefined the image of the golf professional and took the game from being an esoteric pastime, practised in a few favoured localities, to its present status as a worldwide game. A two-time winner of the Open, Park also played challenge and demonstration matches at home and abroad. Ever the entrepreneur, his workshops turned out golf balls and clubs to his own design, with retail outlets in Edinburgh, Manchester, London, New York and Montreal, and Park was the first golf professional to write a manual, The Game of Golf, which appeared in 1896. His career in golf course design took him from Britain to Western Europe and then North America; in total Park lay out over 160 courses worldwide, over 40 of these in the United States and more than 20 in Canada, many of which are still in use today. After a century of improved golf technology, better clubs, a larger ball, and more tailored course layouts; what legacy has Willie Park Junior left to the modern golfer? Walter Stephen tours us round some of Park's best-loved courses to see how they have stood the tests of time and tee-off. Willie Park Junior: The Man Who Took Golf to the World.


Scots In The USAScots In The USA. The map of the United States is peppered with Scottish place-names and America’s telephone directories are filled with surnames illustrating Scottish ancestry. Increasingly, Americans of Scottish extraction are visiting Scotland in search of their family history. All over Scotland and the United States there are clues to the Scottish-American relationship, the legacy of centuries of trade and communication as well as that of departure and heritage. The experiences of Scottish settlers in the United States varied enormously, as did their attitudes to the lifestyles that they left behind and those that they began anew once they arrived in North America. Scots in the USA discusses why they left Scotland, where they went once they reached the United States, and what they did when they got there. Scots in the USA.

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