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Winkle Soup

Scotland is full of winkles which are easily gathered at low tide. They can be cooked in a pot of fresh water on the beach and eaten in the English manner with a pin, or, far better, they can be made into soup with the addition of fish stock or milk and water, and oatmeal, much in the same way as the cockles or mussels.

But they still have to be extracted with a pin, and the water they are first boiled in needs careful straining before it is added to the other stock as it is apt to be sandy. Be sure not to add any salt to either stock or water. In winkle soup the oatmeal should not be knotted, but rained smoothly and steadily, a little at a time from the left hand into the boiling stock, while stirring continuously with a wooden spoon in the right hand. The object is to get the consistency of a thin gruel, which is then cooked for about twenty minutes before the cooked winkles are added, after which you allow it to go ahead for ten minutes longer before you eat it.

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