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Mary Queen of Scots an Illustrated LifeMary, Queen of Scots: An Illustrated Life Mary Queen of Scots has been the subject of innumerable plays, poems, songs, operas, films, novels and biographies. It is not difficult to see why. The first 21 years of her life were packed with dramatic incident, including her flight to France, widowhood at an early age, the murder of her secretary and second husband, abduction and rape by a third, and finally captivity and escape from a remote castle in the Highlands of Scotland. Her last 18 years as a prisoner in England, while certainly quieter, were nonetheless marked by conspiracy and intrigue; and her execution in February 1587 provided a fitting final scene to a drama which had seen her fall tragically from power and splendour into confinement and despair. This book tells the dramatic story of her life, but unlike other biographies the narrative is illustrated with many of the documents upon which our knowledge is based, as well as pictures of the leading characters in the story. Contemporary records are either transcribed or fully explained with extended captions, bringing the biography to life.

Queenship in ScotlandShe Is But a Woman: Queenship in Scotland 1424-1463 She is but a Woman is the first in-depth study of medieval Scottish queens, investigates the relationship between gender and power in the fifteenth-century Scottish court. Fiona Downie explores the art of queenship as practised by Joan Beaufort (d. 1445) and Mary of Guelders (1433-1463), queens of James I and James II. Their arrivals in Scotland, their social and political roles, their relationships with their husbands and families and their roles within international diplomacy are examined in detail here for the first time. The reigns and experiences of Joan Beaufort and Mary of Guelders demonstrate the importance of royal marriage as an instrument of medieval politics and diplomacy. "She is but a Woman" situates Scottish royal marital alliances within the context of the European marriage market and provides a new perspective on Scotland's political, social and cultural links with Europe in the fifteenth century.

Biographical Dictionary of Scottish WomenThe Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women The Biographical Dictionary Of Scottish Women. This biographical dictionary presents the lives of individual Scottish women from earliest times to the present. It explores the experience of women from every class and category in Scotland and the worldwide Scottish diaspora. Each entry seeks to tell a story rather than simply offering information.

Mary Queen of Scots Antonia Fraser tackles the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, in this excellent biography. Written originally in the late sixties this book details every twist and turn in the fateful Queens life. Not only does it give step by step accounts of those famous episodes in Mary's life, her three marriages, two widowhoods, incarceration by Elizabeth I and execution, but it gives the reader an insight into Mary herself.

Tenement Women in Edinburgh and GlasgowShe Was Aye Workin': Memories of Tenement Women in Edinburgh and Glasgow The hidden lives of women who raised families and made ends meet in Scotland's early 20th century urban tenements. She Was Aye Workin' is an eloquent tribute to the management skills, stamina and moral strength of women who held homes together against all the odds of poverty and poor living conditions. The book covers life from girlhood through marriage and childbirth to old age. It includes material previously seen as taboo on subjects like sexual awareness and domestic abuse, but looks also at standards which regulated behaviour, and the mutual support systems of women. There is fascinating detail on such things as the ingenuity required to feed a family on little money, and on central institutions like the Co-op and the pawnshop. Happy memories of days at Portobello or 'doon the watter' balance the grimmer side of life. The pooling of material from Edinburgh and Glasgow highlights interesting similarities and differences in the experience of tenement life in Scotland's two great rival cities..

The Scottish SuffragettesThe Scottish Suffragettes (Scots' Lives... An inspiring look at the remarkable women who fought so tirelessly for equality. Using new material, this study focuses on the Scottish women of all ages and from all backgrounds who were involved in the non-militant 'suffragist' movement. Unlike their attention-grabbing counterparts the Suffragettes, thousands of women laboured not only for the right to vote, but also for the right to higher education, to separate legal existence from their husbands, and to be actively involved in local government. These were resolute and passionate women, whose lives have been 'hidden from history' but who now receive the recognition they deserve.

Glasgow Girls: Women in Art and Design, 1880-1920 At the turn of the 20th century, Glasgow was the centre for an avant-garde movement of art and design innovation in Europe which we now refer to as The Glasgow Style. While the Glasgow Boys group of painters hjas been widely written about, their female contemporaries have received far less attention. Painters such as Bessie MacNicol, designers Margaret and Frances MacDonald, and Jessie M. King all influenced the development of the Glasgow Style and the reverberations of their work were felt across Europe and the USA, contributing to the development of modern art and design. In this work, the editor redresses this imbalance, bringing together research from 18 scholars on the work of an astonishing number of female artists from this period, and placing them in a feminist, art historical context.

Past ForgettingPast Forgetting: A Memoir of Heroes,... Adventure, Love and Life with Fitzroy Maclean. Veronica MacLean was born in the 1920s in the Scottish Highlands to the illustrious Fraser family and married the diplomat and politician Sir Fitzroy Maclean. "Past Forgetting" is the story of her life played out against the dramatic social, political and diplomatic history of the 20th century. From her acquaintance with the Kennedys, Bushes and the Astors to her friendships with Belloc, John Singer Sargent and Freya Stark, the autobiography also charts her journeys overland to China, Persia and Yugoslavia, her lecture tours in America and her medical mission to the Balkans in the late 1990s.

A Guide to the Printed Work of Jessie M. King Jessie M. King (1875-1949) was the foremost Scottish book designer and illustrator of the 20th century. Her work reflected the mixture of Symbolism and Arts and Crafts practised by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and others of The Four in Glasgow where she was trained. During the 50 years of her career she designed and illustrated some 250 books, over 100 greeting cards, bookplates and assorted items of ephemera. "A Guide to the Printed Work of Jessie M. King" attempts to bring order to this enormous output. Every known item has been annotated, classified and catalogued, and a further section lists over 100 publications containing reproductions of other works by the artist. An appendix by Dr. A. D. Portno discusses her work for the German publishers, Globus. A second appendix investigates her designs for Routledge's series of Children's classics. In order to do justice to Jessie M. King's talent, a substantial part of her work is illustrated in colour in an accompanying CD-ROM.

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