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Famous Aberdonians

The name Aberdeen is found in many parts of the USA: Arkansas, California, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Dakota and Washington. Birthplace of the following:

Alexander Milne Calder (b.1846) who emigrated to America in 1868. He began his career as a gardener but became famous for his sculpture in the Philadelphia City Hall, including the heroic statue of William Penn.

Soprano, Mary Garden (1877-1967), who was taken to America as a child and studied singing in Chicago. She became a world-famous primadonna of the Edwardian stage, singing in Manhattan Opera, New York and Chicago Grand Opera. She had a 20-year association with Chicago Grand Opera, including holding the post of Director.

Architect James Gibb (1682-1754) who created temple porticoes and pilastered spires of the Congregational churches of New England.

John Johnston (1836-1904), banker who emigrated to Milwaukee in 1856. He became President of the Board of Regents, University of Wisconsin and donated land for Milwaukee City Hospital, which was subsequently named after him.

Rev. George Keith (d.1708), who became Surveyor-General of New Jersey in 1684. He founded the town of Freehold and marked out the dividing line between East-West Jersey. In 1693 he issued the first printed protest against human slavery.

John Lawson (1658-1711) who became Surveyor-General of North Carolina and who was the author of the widely read "A New Voyage to Carolina ". He was cruelly murdered by Tuscarora Indians.

David Milne (1787-1873), who emigrated to America, settling in Pennsylvania. He was a pioneer in the textile industry and established many large mills.

William Smith (1727-1803), who arrived in New York in 1751 as a missionary of the established Anglican Church. In 1755 he went to Philadelphia where he became Provost of the College Academy & Charity School, the predecessor of the University of Pennsylvania. He introduced the system of class records used in all American universities and was also one of the founders of the American Philosophical Society.

William Thom (b.1834) who emigrated to Wisconsin to work on his uncle's farm before settling in Minnesota. He later became the founder of the First National Bank of Rushmore as well as its President.

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