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Adam of Dryburgh - Divine

Adam of Dryburgh (Adam the Scot) (c 1140-1212). Divine. He was a native of Berwickshire. In 1184 he was made Abbot of Dryburgh and during his period of tenure he won a popular following for his style of preaching. But four years after his election he sought seclusion in a Carthusian monastery at Witham in Somerset in order to devote his time to scholarly religious writing. The earliest edition of his work is dated at Paris in 1518 and includes 24 sermons,Liber de tripartite tabernaculo, and Liber de contemplationis, interpretations of Old Testament teaching. A second collection of his work was published in 1659 by Peter Bellerus of Amsterdam, to which was added Adam's Soliloquium de instructione, a Platonic dialogue between the Soul and Reason. All the writings show a keen mind at work and one that was thoroughly versed in the classical texts of the Premonstratensian order.

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