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The Earth From The AirThe Earth from the Air French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand and his devoted team have spent five years putting together this voluminous gallery, selecting 195 images from 100,000 photographs taken from helicopters in the skies over 75 countries. It is a staggering achievement and precisely shows how vaguely we know our world.

Scotland From AboveScotland from Above Referred to as a creative tour de force, the latest book from photographer Colin Baxter is truly a must-see. With more than 200 high-quality images helping to create a new perspective and a unique vision of Scotland from above-from 100 feet to over 12,000 feet above. This comprehensive overview of Scotland's geography is broken into seven chapters with a general introduction and a satellite view of Scotland using M-Sat true color imaging. Aerial Photography.

Coastline UKCoastline UK: Amazing Views from the Air Apparently anonymous mudflats, dunes and scrubland become the source of strange, exotic hues and patterns when viewed directly from above. Small harbours yield complex herringbone arrangements of elegantly narrow boats. Even container ports can become semi-abstract assemblages of multi-coloured units. And familiar landmarks take on a wholly new and fascinating aura. Internationally renowned aerial photographer, Richard Cooke, has created an extraordinary sequence of images that celebrate the diversity and beauty of the UK shores. To achieve the mesmerizing effects of colour and form, Richard chose, as far as possible, to photograph directly above the subject-areas, thus creating marvellously composed photographic compositions. Themselves works of extraordinary beauty, the images in this book are divided according to coast - south, west, east, Scottish and Northern Irish. Together, they form a truly unique and totally unexpected picture of British shores, which reveal themselves to be the equal in variety and drama to any in the world. Aerial Photography.

Through the Eyes of the Gods: An Aerial Vision of Africa A gorgeous, oversized volume offers a rare glimpse into the most inaccessible, unspoiled, and breathtaking corners of Africa,through dazzling photographs of the continent taken from the soaring perspective of a winged creature. Aerial Photography.

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