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Alexander Adam (1741-1809) Rector

Rector of the High School of Edinburgh from 1768
until his death. A much respected man, Adam taught most of Edinburgh's leading literary and legal figures and Lord Cockburn described him as "a warm encourager by praise, play and kindness; and constantly under the strongest sense of duty". He was the author of a Latin Grammar (1762) which became a standard school textbook, a popular antiquarian study Roman Antiquities (1791), and A Compendious Dictionary of the Latin Tongue (1805). Works: Latin Grammar (1762); The Principles of Latin and English Grammar (1772); The Rudiments of Latin and English Grammar (1786); Roman Antiquities (1791); A Summary of Geography and History (1794); Classical Biography (1800); A Compendious Dictionary of the Latin Tongue (1805) Reference: A. Henderson, An Account of the Life and Character of Alexander Adam (Edinburgh, 1810)

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