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Alexander Boswell

Boswell, Sir Alexander (1775–1822). Antiquary and song writer, son of James Boswell, of Auchinleck, Johnson’s biographer, was interested in old Scottish authors, some of whose works he reprinted at his private press. He wrote some popular Scotch songs, of which Jenny’s Bawbee and Jenny dang the Weaver are the best known. Boswell. He died in a duel with Mr. Stuart of Dunearn.

Works: Cold in this Tomb the Dust of Werter Lies (1800); Jenny's Bawbee (1800); Songs, Chiefly in the Scots Dialect (1802); Epistle on the Edinburgh Reviewers (1803); The Spirit of Tintoc or Johnny Bell and the Kelpie (1803); Epitaph on the Late Alexander Wood (1807); as Simon Gray, Edinburgh or the Ancient Royalty: a Sketch of Former Manners (1810); Clan Alpin's Vow (1811); ed., Frondes caducae, 7 vols. (1816-18); If your Hobby's Unsound (1816); SKeldon Haughs (1816); The Woo-Creel or the Bill o'Bashan (1816); Bar-tho-lo-me-o (1820);
Epitaph on Lord President Forbes (1820).

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