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Andrew Boyd

Boyd, Andrew Kennedy Hutchison (1825–1899). Miscellaneous writer, son of Rev. Dr. Boyd of Glasgow, was originally intended for the English Bar, but entered the Church of Scotland, and was minister latterly at St. Andrews, wrote in Fraser’s Magazine a series of light, chirping articles subsequently collected as the Recreations of a Country Parson, also several books of reminiscences, etc., written in a pleasant chatty style, and some sermons. He was D.D. and LL.D.

Works include: Spiritual Insensibility (1859); The Commonplace Philosopher in Town and Country (1862);
The Graver Thoughts of a Country Parson (1862);
Leisure Hours in Town (1862); The Recreations of a Country Parson (1862); Counsel and Comfort Spoken from a City Pulpit (1863); The Autumn Holidays of a Country Parson (1864); The Practical Service of Imperfect Means (1864); The Critical Essays of a Country Parson (1865);
Sunday Afternoon at the Parish Church of a University (1866); Lessons of Middle Age (1868); Changed Aspects of Unchanged Truths (1869); The Place of Ritual (1869); Present Day Thoughts (1871); Seaside Musings on Sundays and Weekdays (1872); A Scotch Communion Sunday  (1873); Landscape Churches and Moralities (1874); From a Quiet Place (1879); Towards the Sunset (1883); Our Little Life (1884); A Young Man (1884);
What Set him Right (1885); Our Homely Comedy and Tragedy (1887); The Best Last (1888); East Coast Days and Memories (1889); To Meet the Day Through the Christian Year (1889); Church Life in Scotland (1890); The Mother of us All (1890); Twenty-Five Years of St Andrews (1892); St Andrews and Elsewhere (1894);
Occasional and Immemorial Days (1895); The Last Years of St Andrews (1896).

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