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Andrew Waid - Benefactor

The Waid Academy has been part of Fife's educational heritage for 120 years thanks to the vision of Anstruther man Lieutenant Andrew Waid (1736-1804). He bequeathed his money for the founding of Waid's Orphan Naval Academy for the sons of poor mariners and fishermen. If that had happened as he planned, the history of The Waid might have been a great deal different.

As it was, it proved impossible to fulfill his wish and, for much of the 19th century, his wealth was not put to use but did accumulate in value. Then, in 1884, Commissioners appointed under the Educational Endowments (Scotland) Act of 1882, proposed a scheme for his money to be used to build a secondary school which would serve all of the East Neuk.

The Waid Academy opened on September 6, 1886. It was the first school in Scotland to be created under the 1882 Act and its constitution became a mode for other schools which were created or changed as a result of this legislation.

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