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Andrew Wood - Admiral

Sir Andrew Wood of Largo lived from around 1450 to 1538 and was described as being Scotland's Nelson.

He was originally a merchant trader of Leith before his fame for naval warfare grew due to his encounters with French, English and Portuguese pirates. He owned two armed vessels called The Flower and The Yellow Carvel.

During the 1480s, Wood was appointed the personal sea captain to James III so was obliged to make sure The Yellow Carvel was made available for use by the King and Queen. In return he was granted estates around Largo.

In 1488 Wood's two vessels caught five English privateers which had been attacking Scottish ships off Dunbar leading to Henry VII offering £1000 a year for life to any English captain who could capture him.

To this day a canal built by Wood to connect his home to the church at Upper Largo can still be traced in places.

A tower also built by Wood still stands today.

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