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There are very few epitaphs extant in Scotland to animals, so the touching tribute to an old dog at Fernie Castle Hotel, Fife, is doubly interesting. Set into the hearth of the hotel's barrel-vaulted bar is the epitaph:

Busdubh, 1904-1921.
This is my humble prayer,
Nor may I pray in vain,
God make me good enough
To meet my dog again.

The story goes that the dog belonged to the Balfour family who once owned the castle. The black labrador, called Busdubh, was a faithful family pet who was buried under the cellar floor of the castle. When the castle was converted into a hotel the epitaph was set in a wall, but later it was moved and set into the hearthstone of the bar, only a few feet away from where the dog is buried.

Epitaph below Written by Robert Burns in 1793 to commemorate the death of Mrs John Gordon's, later Viscountess Kenmure, pet,

In wood and wild, ye warbling throng,
Your heavy loss deplore!
Now half extinct your powers of song,
Sweet Echo is no more.
Ye jarring, screetching things around,
Scream your discordant joys!
Now half your din of tuneless sound
With Echo silent lies.

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