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Archibald Primrose 5th Earl of Rosebery
(1847-1929) - Statesman

He was born on 7 May 1847 in London and was educated at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford. In March 1868 he succeeded to the family title and embarked on the long political career that was to see him become Foreign Secretary in Gladstone's governments of 1886 and 1892 and Prime Minister in the Liberal administration of 1894-5. One of the great political speakers and thinkers of his day, Rosebery was a supporter of Irish home rule, a promoter of parliamentary devolution for Scotland and a believer in reform of the House of Lords, although in later years he espoused a more conservative point of view. He was a gifted political writer and his studies of English
statesmen are shrewd expositions of their parliamentary careers. Much of his personal popularity among the people came from his interest in horse-racing and three of his horses were Derby winners: Ladas in 1894, Sir Visto in 1895 and Cicero in 1905.

Works: The Union of England and Scotland (1871); William Pin (1891); Sir Robert Peel (1899); Napoleon; the Last Phase (1900); Oliver Cromwell (1900'); Questions of Experience (1900); Lord Randolph Churchill (1906); Chatham: his Life and Connections (1910).

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