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Armadale Castle

Armadale Castle Ruins Isle of Skye Photograph

Armadale Castle. Photographic Print of Ruins of Armadale Castle from Robert Harding.

Ruins of Armadale Castle, seat of the MacDonalds of Skye from the19th century, Isle of Skye, Scotland. A mansion house was first built here around 1790. In 1815 a Scottish baronial style mock-castle, intended for show rather than defense, designed by James Gillespie Graham, was built next to the house. After 1855 the part of the house destroyed by fire was replaced by a central wing, designed by David Bryce. Since 1925 the castle, abandoned by the Macdonald family, has fallen into ruin.

Armadale Castle Scotland

The gardens around the castle have been maintained, and are now home to the Clan Donald Centre.


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