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Greece Photography

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Athens PhotographyAthens (Photopocket S.) Greece boasts an unrivalled historical and cultural legacy that is nowhere more apparent than in its capital, yet Athens also functions as a bustling, modern city. In this collection of striking black and white images, Vassilis Gonis manages to capture the paradox of life in a city full of contradictions, of crowded cafes and ancient ruins, age-old religious processions and big city sprawl. His walks through the city's streets are reflected here in engaging images of everyday life shot close-up and in sweeping panoramas of Athens taken from afar. Designed to fit in any briefcase or handbag, this portrait of one of the world's most important cities is the perfect keepsake for any traveller. Athens Photography.

Athenian AcropolisArchitecture and Meaning on the Athenian Acropolis Architecture and Meaning on the Athenian Acropolis focuses on the architectural complex which is generally considered to be one of the outstanding achievements of Western civilisation. Though the buildings and sculpture of the Acropolis, erected over the course of the fifth century BC, have been scrutinised by scholars for more than a century, Robin Rhodes' sensitive analysis is the first to consider the ensemble as a whole and to explain how the monuments communicate meaningfully with one another to form an iconographic narrative. His study also examines the sculpture and decoration, which were conceived together with the abstract features, while relating both to the larger issues in Greek architecture and aesthetics. Among the themes treated in this landmark study are: the relationship between landscape and religious architecture, the humanisation of temple divinities, the architectural expression of religious tradition and even specific history, architectural procession and hieratic direction, symbolism and allusion through architectural order, religious revival and archaism, and the breaking of architectural and religious canon. Taken together, they constitute the specific narrative of the Acropolis in the Periclean Age.

Athens GuideAthens (Lonely Planet Best of ... S.) Providing information on Athens' history and architectual heritage, this guide also features chapters on the Acropolis, cliff-temples, and Byzantine monasteries. The coverage also extends to accommodation and entertainment from 'Rembetika' music and ancient drama to jazz clubs. Athens Photography.

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