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Australia Photography

AustraliaAustralia (Countries of the World S.) It is the world's smallest continent, but also its largest island - an immense land of physical contracts and opposing human cultures, ancient and modern. This full colour book is a photographic tour of the scorching deserts dominated by strange shapes and unreal colours, the strange and unique animals that defy theories of evolution, and the rain forests, waterfalls, salt lakes and coral reefs. Plus: the great open modern cities, the breathtaking architecture, the cosmopolitan culture and the aboriginal traditions. Australia Photography.

Australia PhotographyAustralia In this extraordinary collection of colour images, noted landscape and wildlife photographer Jeff Drewitz presents Australias natural beauty in all its stunning diversity. Whether photographs of dry outback or breathtaking coastline, the lush woods of Tasmania or the rainforests and wildlife of the tropical north, these pictures reveal a landscape that offers beauty and diversity in spades. The cities scattered along Australias coasts are also covered. Here is a portrait of a vast land of extremes that will be the perfect keepsake for any traveller. Australia Photography.

At Home in AustraliaAt Home in Australia This is an account of Australia, the people, the bush, the desert, the cities, as it was when the country was allowed to be itself, compared with what it has become. Its story is accompanied by numerous images of the Australian landscape, taken from the collections of the National Gallery of Australia. The settlement of Australia coincided with the invention of photography, and Conrad's word-pictures of the hot, aromatic, cicada-loud landscape are woven around 200 pictures.

Presenting AustraliaPresenting Australia: The Making of a Nation This work portrays Australia's history, geography, ecology, economy and politics. Lavishly illustrated, the book provides a visual portrait of all aspects of the country, including its people, wildlife and landscapes, spanning from Aboriginal times to the current multicultural climate. Australia Photography.

Spectacular AustraliaSpectacular Australia Australia is a vigorous young nation astride an ancient continent. This vast, parched land, the flattest and driest continent, is revealed here in 200 splendid colour photographs, including panoramic gatefolds by some of the most distinguished photographers working in the country today. State by state, the images here capture the Great Barrier Reef, the biggest coral reef on the planet; the massive glowing monoliths of the Red Centre in the Northern Territory; the snow-capped peaks and frozen lakes in the rain-soaked wilderness of Tasmania; the lush green plains of the Great Divide; and the scorched stone, sandy deserts, and crystalline white salt lakes of the interior. Australia Photography.

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