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Best Scottish Books and Books About Scotland

My personal list of some of the best Scottish Books. Not only your typical Scottish Tourist books and Scottish Travel Guides, but books, fiction and non-fiction, which scratch under the surface and show the real Scotland and History, Culture, and People of Scotland in words and images. Scotland has not only produced great writers, but has also been a great source of inspiration for writers from throughout the world. I hope you enjoy browsing through my web pages of the Best Scottish Books.

A History Of Scotland Neil Oliver BookA History of Scotland. Scotland's history has been badly served over the years. Neil Oliver is a Scottish archaeologist, historian and broadcaster best known for his distinctive voice and long black hair and as the charismatic presenter of the award-winning documentary series Coast.

Frontier Scots. During the nineteenth century thousands of Scots crossed the Atlantic to start a new life in America. Initially settling on the east coast many soon ventured west into the alien landscape of this unexplored frontier.

Plant Lore Scotland.

In the 19th century, Musselburgh, Scotland was a hotbed of golfing genius. The local links produced five Open Champions, and of these golfing greats, Willie Park Junior was undoubtedly more than just a good golfer.

Sea Kayaking Scotland.

Highland Cowboys. From droving to driving, reivers to rustlers, heilan kye to long horns, Highland Cowboys explores the links between the two cattle cultures in music, song and dance, and folklore.

Rivers And Lochs Of Scotland BookRivers And Lochs Of Scotland Rivers And Lochs Of Scotland. Bruce Sandison's Rivers and Lochs of Scotland is the only book on fishing in Scotland that an angler will ever need. For anyone fishing in Scotland, this book is the angler's bible.

A Better Life. A Portrait of Highland Women in Nova Scotia. An exploration of the traditions and experiences in the lives of Highland Scottish women, in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and in the eastern counties of Nova Scotia.

Scotland's Mountains Photography BookScotland's Mountains. A Landscape Photographer's View. Following the success of Scotland's Coast, acclaimed landscape photographer Joe Cornish has trained his lens on another outstanding feature of the country for which he holds so much affection, its mountains.

Medieval Scotland Of all the Celtic peoples once dominant across the whole of Europe north of the Alps, the Scots were the only ones who established a kingdom that lasted. Wales and Brittany, subject to the same sort of pressure from a powerful neighbour, retained linguistic distinctiveness but lost political nationhood; Ireland became a patchwork of petty kingdoms, unable to throw off the domination of the English. What made Scotland's history so different from theirs?

Scotland Whiskypedia. This is a wholly new approach to understanding and enjoying Scotch malt whisky, by the foremost authority on the subject in collaboration with one of Scotland's leading photographers.

Ghosts Of Scotland. Scotland is a haunted nation with hundreds of ghosts frequenting buildings old and new. It is also a land of castles and virtually every one seems to be haunted. Yet country houses are haunted too and even small private houses located in the midst of housing estates have ghosts of their own.

Lairds and Luxury. The Highland Gentry in Eighteenth Century Scotland. A critical account of the social, economic and cultural experience of consumption and luxury of the Highlands. It looks at all classes and various professions, finally looking closely at the Highland gentry during a period of significant change. The subject is inspired by a commonly articulated moral criticism of the gentry, that they were more luxurious and feckless than similar groups elsewhere and that their conspicuous consumption ultimately ruined the Highland economy and destroyed Highland social relationships.

Billy Connolly Journey to the Edge of the World. In the summer of 2008 Billy Connolly set sail on a ten-week journey from ocean to ocean: from the Atlantic to the Pacific, by way of the Northwest Passage - a fabled route deep within the Arctic Circle that has thwarted explorers and fortune-hunters for centuries.

The Broon's Day Oot BookThe Broon's Day Oot The Broon's Day Oot. a guide to days out in Scotland, with extensive coverage of Historic Scotland and National Trust for Scotland sites. There are ideas to go to Galleries and Museums, Castles and Gardens

Taste Ye Back. Great Scots and the Food That Made Them. This is a gem of a book. Sue Lawrence has interviewed 70 prominent Scots and unlocked their beloved memories of food and what it was like for them growing up.

AA 100 Walks in Scotland Enjoy the best of the Scottish countryside with this compact, and easy-to-carry walking guide offering highlights of Scotland

Scotland The Best. The true Scot's insider's guide to the very best Scotland has to offer.

Famine in Scotland, the 'ill Years' of the 1690s. This book examines the climatic and economic origins of the last national famine to occur in Scotland.

Scotland and America BookScotland and America 1600 to 1800. While the literature relating to Scottish contact with America has grown significantly in recent years, the influence of America on Scotland and its early modern history has been neglected in favour of a preoccupation with Scottish influence on the formation of North American national identities.

Bare-arsed Banditti: The Men of the '45. They were modern men: doctors and lawyers, students and teachers, shoemakers and shopkeepers, farmers, gardeners and weavers.

Military Survey of Scotland. The Great Map. Military Survey of Scotland 1747 to 1755. Immediately after the Jacobite Rising of 1745 an extraordinary exercise took place in Scotland, nothing short of a detailed survey of the whole of mainland Scotland, which was to have a great influence on the future of mapping.

Country Life in Scotland. The updated version of Scottish Country Life, the classic account of rural life in Scotland.

Plant Hunters of Scotland. The Tree Collector. Life and Explorations of David Douglas. David Douglas was one of the most important botanical collectors there has ever been.

The Woodlands of Scotland. A History of the Native Woodlands of Scotland, 1500-1920.

Whisky Blending. Richard Paterson has Scotch whisky running through his veins.

Caledonication. This is not just a history of Scotland, it's a history of Scotland you actually want to read.

Days Like This is an anthology of selected true stories showcasing the ordinary genius of Scotland’s people.

Just Daft In ScotlandJust Daft: The Chic Murray Story. Alternative humour had not been heard of when Chic Murray, a comic Colossus, bestrode the stage. His style was utterly original. He was unique, a ‘one-off’, a comedic pioneer ranked in the highest echelons of his art in the last century. And he turned the Celtic tradition of story-telling into an art form, a hybrid Salvador Dali of humour on stage. Just Daft In Scotland.

Scottish Printed Books. In Scotland, printing began in 1508. This lively account of the next 500 years introduces notable books and other printed literature, the people who wrote, printed, published, and sold them, and their methods. Scottish Printed Books.

Scottish Baronial Castles.

Beachcomber Cottage. Many of us dream of escaping our stressful and frenetic lives, and starting over. But can leaving it all behind ever be more than a dream? In Beachcomber Cottage, former Royal Marine Monty Halls puts this popular wish to the test, by recreating the simple life of a crofter on the West Coast of Scotland.

Peculiar Scotland.

Beatles in ScotlandThe Beatles in Scotland. The Fab Four: George, John Paul and Ringo, a quartet of working-class kids whose magical songs and revolutionary influence still inspires four decades on. More has been written about The Beatles than any other rock group in history and every moment of their lives has been captured, celebrated and analysed.

James The Good Scotland.

Jackie Stewart AutobiographyWinning Is Not Enough: The Autobiography. Sir Jackie Stewart is one of the most highly regarded names in global sport, winner of three F1 World Championships, 27 Grands Prix and ranked in the top five drivers of all time. On retiring from the circuit, he went on to build an equally impressive international business career. In the 1960s and into the 70s, with his black cap, sideburns and aviator shades Jackie Stewart was an unmistakable icon in a glorious era of style, glamour and speed. On the track, his story is one of drama, excitement, tragedy, controversy, celebrity, danger and massive success. Beyond the sport his life is a compelling tale of battling against the odds and achieving world-wide recognition as an outstanding sportsman, a role model and a highly accomplished and respected businessman. Includes a specially produced DVD featuring rare and previously unseen footage of Sir Jackie's racing career, personal photographs and conversations with Sir Jackie discussing key moments in his life, plus interviews with business leaders, friends and family. Winning Is Not Enough: The Autobiography.

Scottish Poetry.

Essential Scottish CookeryEssential Scottish Cookery. Classic recipes from Scotland, including the Borders, the Highlands and the Islands, with traditional dishes that conjure up the essence of our cuisine, cullen skink, roast venison and Burns Night haggis, as well as modern twists on classic recipes. Essential Scottish Cookery: Classic Recipes from the Scottish Kitchen.

Maw Broon's Cookbook: The Broon's Cookbook - for Every Day and Special Days. Maw Broons Cookbook. Maw Broon's very own cookbook, borrowed from the sideboard at No. 10 Glebe Street, first made for her by her mother-in-law when Maw married Paw, and added-to over the years with recipes for every day and special days, from friends and neighbours and others that simply caught Maw's eye in The Sunday Post, or cut-out of the back of a flour bag. These are the very recipes that became the favourite dishes of the whole extended family, Maw and Paw, Granpaw, Daphne, Horace, Joe, Maggie, Hen, the Twins and the bairn.

The Rough Wooing Scotland
The Rough
Wooing Scotland

Exit MusicExit Music by Ian Rankin. The brilliant new Rebus novel from the master of British crime. The year 2007 marks Detective Inspector John Rebus's last year in the Scottish police force. Forced to retire by both the law and his, relieved, superiors, Rebus knows that his time in the blue ranks must now come to an end. But how will the irascible detective deal with this grim terminus? Particularly with his nemesis, Ger Cafferty, still walking the streets of Edinburgh. And how will John's protege and friend Siobhan Clarke move forward with the old relic finally gone? Exit Music.

Tartan CharmTartan Charm: From Braveheart to Burberry. Tartan Charm, From Braveheart to Burberry. William Braveheart Wallace did battle in it. Queen Victoria decked Balmoral in it. Madonna donned it to strut around the stage. Tartan, the beloved symbol of kin, clan and nation to the Scots, has evolved into the one of the world’s favorite fabrics. Serving as inspiration for designers of everything from haute couture to furniture, tartan mania is in full swing. Fashion world insiders Jeffrey Banks and Doria de La Chapelle have written the definitive book on tartan, bringing together a dizzying array of images to tell the story of tartan’s humble beginnings to its current status as the ultimate emblem of great taste and high fashion. In addition to chronicling tartan enthusiasts from every age–including the incomparably fashionable Duke of Windsor whose closet was jam-packed with tartan kilts. Tartan profiles the designers who’ve made tartan an integral part of their work, from punk-inspired provocateurs Vivienne Westwood, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Alexander McQueen to the more refined fashions of titan Ralph Lauren and Burberry. The perfect mix of a fashion and lifestyle book, this volume explores the global phenomena of tartan mania.

Iron RoadIron Road is a comprehensive and history of the Scottish railways told in a single volume. A pleasure for any railway enthusiast, this book also reaches out to new audiences, exploring technical details as well as social and cultural aspects of the industry, drawing together a vast amount of carefully researched material into a single accessible work. The story begins in the 18th century when horses pulled coal waggons along rails of wood. In the Victorian era, a national railway network was built, and during the golden age of Edwardian times steam trains carried everything and everybody everywhere, from commuters and industrial materials to tourists holidaying in the Scottish countryside.The railway's dominance as a transport network was first challenged by the Depression of the 1930s, but its overwhelming competition appeared with the prosperity of the 1960s, when Britain's financially mobile masses began to purchase and rely on motor vehicles for pleasure and for business. Much of the railway network soon disappeared, steam was replaced by diesel and then by electric traction, and it seemed Scotland's proud rail system was in rapid decline. Yet forty years on, passenger numbers are higher than ever. Iron Road.

The Story Of Scotland's Greatest ExportScotch whisky is a phenomenon: it is exported to 200 countries around the world and in 2001, for the first time, over one billion bottles were shipped overseas. Scotch is also unique, no other product, in any category, anywhere in the world, is named after its country of origin. Every brand of whisky that is distilled in Scotland bears the descriptor: Scotch Whisky. And proud of it. This book looks at Scotch as an uber-brand and tells the story of its enduring spirit. Individual brands like Glenfiddich or Glenmorangie have their own brand essence, positioning statements and values. But they all rely on the "Scotch" brand to win new customers and retain the loyalty of existing ones. Stuart Delves provides a fascinating examination of how such a brand evolved across the world, its unique role in the industry, its future, and the key lessons for other brands. Great Brand Stories: Scotch Whisky The story of Scotland's greatest export.

Geology and Landforms of ScotlandLand of Mountain and Flood: The Geology and Landforms of Scotland The sheer diversity of Scotland's rocks and landforms are the physical reminders of a fascinating physical and chronological journey which shows that the land that makes up Scotland today has travelled the world from the Equator to the South Pole and back north again, and has not always even belonged to the same continental landmass. This book, published by Birlinn in association with Scottish Natural Heritage will help the reader to understand Scotland's place in the geological history of the planet. Three eminent geologists introduce and trace the country's development, unravelling and explaining what is seen now in the landscape and why it came to be the way it is. They show readers exactly where they can find evidence of these natural changes in the country's landscape on the ground in different parts of Scotland. The Geology of Scotland is an essential book for anyone who is interested in the natural world around them and who wishes to develop a good knowledge about the original formation of their country. It is accessible and beautifully presented, contains a huge amount of detailed information told in clear, comprehensible language and is enhanced throughout with specially commissioned illustrations, diagrams and photos. Best Scottish Books.

I Never Knew That About ScotlandI Never Knew That About Scotland Bestselling author, Christopher Winn takes us on the ultimate journey around Scotland. Travelling county by county, this irresistible miscellany unearths the enthralling stories, firsts, birthplaces, legends and inventions that shape the country's rich and majestic history. To uncover the spellbinding tales that lie hidden within Scotland's wild and romantic shores, to experience what inspired the country's powerful literature and towering castles, and to tread in the footsteps of her villians and victors, is to capture the spirit of this fascinating country and bring every place you visit to life. You will discover the story of the original 'sweetheart', John Balliol, whose embalmed heart is buried beside his devoted wife, Devorgilla at Sweetheart Abbey in Kirkcudbrightshire. In Aberdeen, you will find the only granite cathedral in the world. And, you will hear the haunting echo of the Bear Gates of Traquair House in Peeblesshire were slammed shut when Bonnie Prince Charlie left Scotland in 1746 - legend has it that they will never be re-opened until a Stuart King once more sits on the throne. This beautifully illustrated treasure trove of a book is the perfect gift, and will act as an eye-opening guide to thrilling, alluring and ever-bewitching Scotland. Best Scottish Books.

Flying ScotBob Mcintyre: The Flying Scot Bob McIntyre, The Flying Scot, tells the story of the man who never actually won a world championship, but certainly deserved to. In many ways he was the two-wheel equivalent of car racing driver Stirling Moss, who is seen as one of the greats in his sport, although he never won an official world title. Well over four decades since his untimely death, following an accident that occurred while racing his 500cc Manx Norton at Oulton Park, Cheshire in August 1962, Bob McIntyre's memory lives on. An annual Bob McIntyre Memorial race meeting held at East Fortune attracts racing enthusiasts from as far afield as Australia. Not only was 'Bob Mac' a brilliantly gifted rider and self-taught mechanic, he was also a man of the people, someone who would always help a fellow competitor or take the time to sign an autograph or chat to a fan. He was also honest, loyal and modest; his word was his bond. Unlike the three riders already covered in this series, John Surtees, Mike Hailwood and Giacomo Agostini, Bob Mac was very much a self-made man; someone who started from the very bottom and reached the very top in his chosen profession. He was the first man to lap the Isle of Man TT circuit, the most fearsome in the world, at over 100 mph; and this was just one of his great achievements. This in-depth account of his career focuses on the bikes and the races, but also provides an insight in Bob's life away from the track. Lavishly illustrated with many previously unpublished photographs, it is a must-read for any motorcycling fan..

Voices In The StreetVoices in the Street: Growing Up in Dundee Born in Dundee in 1938, Maureen Reynolds grew up in wartime Scotland, a young girl surrounded by adult concerns, the endless queuing for rations that never seemed to stretch quite far enough, the blackouts and air raids, and as she came of age, a whole generation seemed to suddenly do the same, with the rise of the Teddy Boy and rock and roll. A memoir written with the grace and lucidity of a novel, "Voices in the Street" chronicles a life of typical proportions with all the heartache and hope that entails, and reminds us that the most commonplace stories, properly told, can give a greater insight into a time and place than any of the more exceptional. With great candour and earnestness, Maureen Reynolds' reminiscences of growing up with her wise, kind Grandad, of lumpy porridge, of tramcars and of broth night, of finding her love and then seeing him borrowed for the sake of National Service, will strike a chord with all those who see their own memories reflected there, and for everyone else "Voices in the Street" provides an intricate, caring portrait of a life and of a generation. Best Scottish Books.

St Kilda Island on the Edge of the WorldSt Kilda: Island on the Edge of the World St Kilda, Island on the Edge of the World. For more than 2000 years the people of St Kilda remained remote from the world. Its society was viable, even Utopian; but in the nineteenth century the island was discovered by missionaries, do-gooders and tourists, who brought money, disease and despotism. St Kildan culture gradually disintegrated and in 1930 the few remaining islanders asked to be evacuated.

Biographical Dictionary of Scottish WomenThe Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women The Biographical Dictionary Of Scottish Women. This biographical dictionary presents the lives of individual Scottish women from earliest times to the present. It explores the experience of women from every class and category in Scotland and the worldwide Scottish diaspora. Each entry seeks to tell a story rather than simply offering information. Best Scottish Books.

Adrift in CaledoniaAdrift in Caledonia: Boat-hitching for the Unenlightened One clear morning in May, Nick Thorpe left his Edinburgh flat, ducked off the commuter route and hitched a ride aboard a little white canal boat, heading west towards the sea. It was the first mutinous step in a delightful boat-hopping odyssey that would take him 2500 miles through Scotland's canals, lochs and coastal waters, from the industrial Clyde to the scattered islands of Viking Shetland. Best Scottish Books.

A Lie About My FatherA Lie About My Father He had his final heart attack in the Silver Band Club in Corby, somewhere between the bar and the cigarette machine. A foundling; a fantasist; a morose, threatening drinker who was quick with his hands, he hadn't seen his son for years. And for all those years the two estranged men had been falling, each at their own pace, towards their own vanishing points. John Burnside's extraordinary story of this failed relationship is an exquisitely written evocation of a lost and damaged world of childhood: from the condemned prefabs, overgrown gardens and haunted woods of Cowdenbeath to the simmering gang violence and industrial squalor of Corby. Best Scottish Books.

Scotland From AboveScotland From Above Referred to as a creative tour de force, the latest book from photographer Colin Baxter is truly a must-see. With more than 200 high-quality images helping to create a new perspective and a unique vision of Scotland from above-from 100 feet to over 12,000 feet above. Best Scottish Books.

One CityOne City All proceeds from the book will go to the One City charity, which fights social exclusion in the city. Edinburgh's Lord Provost Lesley Hinds said: 'This book project is exactly what One City is all about. The idea of three successful Edinburgh authors, with very different perspectives, getting together to raise awareness and money by using their talent and creativity, is really exciting. Best Scottish Books.

Scotch on the RocksScotch on the Rocks Scotch on the Rocks tells the fascinating story of how the 8,000 ton Politician, with its enormous cargo of nearly a quarter of a million bottles of duty-free whisky, ran aground off the coast of the Hebridean island of Eriskay in 1941. It was enroute to join an Atlantic convoy heading for the West Indies and then up to Canada where it is thought that its precious cargo was to be sold. The true story of 'The Polly' has its own place in Scotland’s social history and Antonia Swinson has put the story in an entirely new context for a self-confident devolved Scotland. Scottish Books.

A Year in the Life of GlencoeA Year in the Life of Glencoe Enclosed by sweeping bastions of rock that stretch a thousand metres to touch the sky, the North West Highland's Glencoe plunges from the wilds of Rannoch Moor to the burial isles of Eilean Munde. Shaped by ancient volcanoes, Ice Age glaciers and the attrition of wind and rain, it is a raw landscape of awesome proportion - one of the most spectacular in Britain. Carrying on from his breathtaking "A Year in the Life of the Langdale Valleys", noted climber, photographer and writer Bill Birkett turns his attention to the seasonal changes in this most famous of mountain glens. The challenging heights, in the main protected and conserved by the National Trust for Scotland, are the province of the rock climber and mountaineer, while down below scattered farms and the little communities of Glencoe and Ballachuilish function through the extremes of the seasons as they have done since the Bronze Age. The magical rowans bear blossom, unfurl their leaves and hang red with berries before the deep savage snows of winter blanket all. Above, beyond the snow-capped peaks, the golden eagle rules the air. On the slopes, the red stag stamps his authority across the purple heather. In this stunning photographic essay, Bill Birkett captures the heartbeat of the awesome highlands of Scotland. Best Scottish Books.

My Father and Other Working Class Football HeroesMy Father and Other Working Class Football Heroes Stewart Imlach was an ordinary neighbourhood soccer star of his time. A brilliant winger who thrilled the crowd on Saturdays, then worked alongside them in the off-season; who represented Scotland in the 1958 World Cup and never received a cap for his efforts.

The Scottish Gardener. Gardens can have many different functions: some exist to provide food or medicines, some for pleasure and recreation, while others serve to proclaim their owners' status, wealth and taste. People garden for a variety of reasons, and The Scottish Gardener looks at herbalists, plant collectors, nurserymen, botanists, artists and gardener's gardens. It explores monastic gardens, royal gardens, walled gardens and town and village gardens historically up to the present day. Best Scottish Books.

John Greig My StoryJohn Greig My Story Nicknamed 'the Ledge' on account of his legendary status, John Greig has been voted the greatest Ranger of all time by the fans and his statue stands outside lbrox. He is regarded as a truly inspirational captain whose achievements speak for themselves; numerous Scottish Championships and Cups, captain of the successful European Cup Winners' Cup side of 1972 and the only player to play in three Treble-winning sides.

Grampian CuriositiesGrampian Curiosities The book is packed with stories about strange and extraordinary things; there is the story about the Queen's dwarf who jumped out of a pie and the farm with a museum in its farm buildings and a ruined castle in its garden. Then there are the mysterious lums (chimneys) near Tomintoul and the Aberdeen restaurant that came to be known as 'the Monkey House'. There is the intriguing story of a bird that wrote a book about the Indian Mutiny, and another tale about the Soos (airships) that operated from Buchan during the First Word War. Then there is a little-known poem about how Aberdeen faced bankruptcy. There was a scandal of another kind when the Great Haircut Riot hit the city and out in the country there were eerie happenings on a farm called Bloody Brae. But on a cheerier note you can laugh at Mr Nisbet's Twisters, or read about the great Salmon Dinners, or gasp at the sight of a giant on Deeside. All this, and much more besides, makes Grampian Curiosities the ideal companion to the North-east and a source of fascinating information that has never found its way into conventional history books.

100 Best Scottish Books of All Time This guide presents 100 books by 100 different authors, both past and present, representing the tremendous breadth and depth of Scottish writing throughout the centuries. The guide forms the centrepiece of a national readership campaign that will run through Scottish Libraries, and all major bookshops, culminating in the announcement of the public’s Best Scottish Books of All Time.

The Wreckers: A Story of Killing Seas,... From the bestselling author of The Lightouse Stevensons, a gripping history of the drama and danger of wrecking since the eighteenth century, and the often grisly ingenuity of Scottish and British wreckers, scavengers of the sea. A fine wreck has always represented sport, pleasure, treasure, and in many cases, the difference between living well and just getting by.

The OilmenThe Oilmen: The North Sea Tigers The man in hard hat, tartan shirt and jeans stepped down from the helicopter at Dyce Airport. He flourished what one of the waiting journalists later claimed looked like a salad cream bottle filled with flat Guinness. The man said, 'Gentlemen, this, is North Sea oil.' The dramatic announcement on 11 October 1970 signaled the symbolic launch of an exciting new economic era for Scotland.

With the JocksWith the Jocks Born in battle, Peter White's journal is one of the most extraordinary stories to come out of the World War II. As a 24-year-old lieutenant in the King's Own Scottish Borderers, Peter kept an unauthorized journal of his regiment's advance through the Low Countries and into Germany in the closing months of the war in Europe.

The Scottish Farmer's Market Cookbook Scotland has an enviable reputation for producing some of the finest food in the world. Langoustines from the West Coast of Scotland are eaten at tables all over Europe; the Scottish Aberdeen Angus has long been the byword for quality meat; Scottish soft raspberries and tayberries are considered the finest available, and so the list goes on!

The Knife ManThe Knife Man. The vivid, often gruesome portrait of the 18th century pioneering surgeon and father of modern medicine, John Hunter. Meticulously researched, vividly drawn, this is also a fascinating portrait of a remarkable pioneer in the emergent sciences of geology, biology and evolution and his determined struggle to haul surgery out of the realm of superstition and into the dawn of modern medicine.

Fleshmarket Close by Ian Rankin. Another surefire bestseller for Britain's No1 crime writer, Ian Rankin.

Volcanoes and the Making of Scotland Scotland's mountains and glens retain the secrets of the long and frequently violent geological history that has gone into their making. Volcanoes have played a major role in the creation of Scotland and while the youngest, a mere sixty million years old, were responsible for much of the scenic splendour of the Inner Hebrides, the rocks composing many of the famous Scottish landforms as, for example, those of Glencoe and the Edinburgh district are also the direct result of volcanism. Best Scottish Books.

The Da Vinci Code IllustratedThe Da Vinci Code With The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown masterfully concocts an intelligent and lucid thriller that marries the gusto of an international murder mystery with a collection of fascinating esoterica culled from 2,000 years of Western and Scottish history.

Nick Nairns New Scottish Cookery BookNick Nairn's New Scottish Cookery Book A self-taught cook, Nick has been a long-time champion of fresh Scottish produce, but his cooking also takes its influences from all over the world. In "New Scottish Cookery", Nick combines the very best fresh Scottish ingredients with a myriad of international flavours, to create a mouth-watering collection of recipes destined to become the Scottish classics of the future.

My Heart Is My OwnMy Heart Is My Own: The Life of Mary... Queen of Scots. John Guy has accomplished in his new work what many historians can only dream of: to write an exceptionally scholarly book which, through the effectiveness of the author's writing, attracts a wide readership. Guy's ability to return to the archives, no doubt a legacy of being Elton's student, enables him to uncover documents that have remained unread for centuries and to shed new light upon the many myths that surround the Scottish queen. There is no doubt that this book is the best Guy has written yet and that it deserves all the praise it has received. Best Scottish Books.

Memoirs of John Logie BairdTelevision and Me: The Memoirs of John... Logie Baird. It is not generally known that John Logie Baird, the Scottish genius who not only invented television but went on to develop colour and 3D versions of it, wrote his own life story.

Curious ScotlandCurious Scotland: Tales From a Hidden... History of Scotland. Wonderful purgative for the cant and myth that surround Scottish history. Written with wit and economy, immaculately researched. Provides a wealth of evidence an enjoyable compendium.

Flora Celtica: Plants and People in... Scotland. Flora Celtica, Plants and People in Scotland documents the continuously evolving relationship between the Scots and their environment. Based on a mixture of detailed research and information provided by the public, this book explores the remarkable diversity of ways that native plants have been, and continue to be, used in Scotland. Best Scottish Books.

Gurkha HighlanderGurkha Highlander: Walking Mallaig to... Stonehaven. Four weeks of numb feet following a 340 kilometre trek along the Southern Upland Way with four Gurkhas was not enough to dampen Neil Griffiths' enthusiasm for coast-to-coast walking. Gurkha Highlander describes his second cross-country walk but this time on a new route and with different companions.

Magic Moments: Four Seasons on a... Scottish Hill Farm. This is a really interesting book, which takes you right into the heart of the job. The trials and tribulations of looking after a hill farm are brought to you as if you were really there. Written well, interspersed with humour throughout. His love for the animals and the environment comes through right through the book.

The Bell Rock Light: The Building of the... the Bell Rock Light House by Robert Stevenson.

MacLean's Miscellany of Whisky. A miscellany of whisky facts and folklore.

Handfast. Scottish Poems for Weddings and Affirmations.

Scotland's Common RidingsScotland's Common Ridings. For much of Lowland Scotland, the Common Riding, Lanimer day or Riding the Marches has become an integral part of town and burgh life. Kenneth Bogle introduces us to the traditions and histories as they have evolved.

Bairns: Scottish Children in Photographs.... An important contribution to Scotland's social history.

Playing Through: A Year of Life and... Links Along the Scottish Coast. A beautifully written and evocative memoir about family, fatherhood and four-irons. Playing Through provides the rarest of experiences: a story rich with comedy, emotional truths and stunning evocations of a unique landscape. Written with warmth and elegance, Playing Through transcends the boundaries of writing on travel and sport to show us the world contained in a village, a place filled to overflowing with life, character, memory and laughter. This is the story of one family's journey, but it is also a story about the things we all share. St Andrews Golf.

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