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Cairnbulg Castle

Cairnbulg Castle Aberdeenshire Scotland

Until recently there was some doubt as to the original construction date but recent discoveries have pointed to the castle being built by the Comyns, Earls of Buchan, around 1260. The lower portion of the original rectangular keep is of this period, but this was destroyed by Robert the Bruce during his campaign against the Buchans. Another theory is that the castle was built in 1380 by Sir Alexander Eraser and his wife Joanna, younger daughter of the Earl of Ross. However, it is known for certain that at some stage the Frasers of Philorth, the founders of Fraserburgh, owned the castle: they reconstructed the keep in the tower style, the main part of this structure being 70 feet high, with a smaller tower butting on to it. At a later stage, around 1545, a further round tower was built on to cope with the advent of gunfire in siege-craft. Separating this round tower lies the modern main section, extensively rebuilt in 1897 by Sir John Duthie. the old castle having been abandoned in 1799. Lord Saltoun, head of the Frasers of Philorth, bought back the castle from Sir John in 1898.


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