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Canada Photography

The Canadian LandscapeThe Canadian Landscape A flash of lightning explodes across a summer sky; a sudden winter storm descends on a tranquil coastal bay; in a moment of absolute stillness, the surface of a mirror-like lake reflects the world around it. This is Canada. The Canadian Landscape is a collection of more than 125 of Kraulis' exquisite photographs. Each stunning images tells the tale of a vast country and of a photographer's relationship with it. The text consists of a concise introduction and short, descriptive captions that accompany each photograph. The book is organised east to west by region, covering the Atlantic region and sub Arctic, St. Lawrence and Great Lakes region, Prairies, Rocky Mountains, West coast rain forests and Pacific Ocean. The photographs capture a range of views, from colourful wildflowers growing in the Rockies to the subtle shades of grey in an aerial view of the badlands. With only a few exceptions, these photographs portray vast, uninhabited vistas of exceptional grandeur. The photographer's challenge is to discover these landscapes at the precise moment that they transform from scenic to extraordinary. Such images are found in this book.

The Great Bear RainforestThe Great Bear Rainforest: Canada's Forgotten Coast Between Vancouver island and Alaska, the mainland BC coast winds through a 250-mile wonderland of forested islands and inlets every bit as enchanting as the southern half, but still very much as nature created it, a wonderfully complex and delicate rainforest masterpiece ten thousand years in the making. The area is one of the northern hemisphere's richest unprotected wildlife habitats, the home of Canada's largest grizzly bears as well as the rare all-white spirit or Kermode bear. Ian and Karen McAllister, both environmental campaigners, have spent over ten years exploring, photographing and researching this once-forgotten coast. The book contains over 150 stunning colour photographs, including some of the most extraordinary images of wild bears ever seen in print, lush river valleys where grizzly bears feast on salmon, dramatic Coast Range mountaintops, exotic plants of the ancient rainforest, and some of the most magnificent coastline in Canada. With these photographs, a personable, informative commentary by Ian and Karen and environmental writer Cameron Young, and full-colour maps and drawings, this book is the first to unveil the beauty and magnificence of this unique place.

The Klondike QuestThe Klondike Quest: A Photographic Essay 1897-1899 This magnificent book celebrates the famous Klondike gold rush, and includes 200 rare period photographs. Written by author and social historian Pierre Berton, the pages brim with the life-and-death struggles, hopes, delusions, and astonishing courage of the men and women who left the comforts of civilization to brave the elements and each other in their quest for gold. The individuals who joined the Gold Rush came from all walks of life - from educated professionals to itinerant laborers, but the vast terrain, harsh conditions and knife-edge existence put every Klondiker on the same level. The stunning archival photographs provide an unforgettable window into the past. This is an epic book which captures a heroic frontier era of human history. It features rare and dramatic full-page black and white photographs from archives of nineteenth century history. The author has 40 history books to his credit, and was born in the Yukon.

Spectacular CanadaSpectacular Canada It has mountains loftier than the Alps and wildlife that rivals Africa's. It has fjords on a par with Norway's, vast fields of grain, and 2 million lakes contained within the world's longest coastline. Some of its cities are among the world's most modern; others call to mind the old-world charm of western Europe. Canada is a land of nearly infinite variety. In 'Spectacular Canada', Gerald Hall, former travel editor of the 'Toronto Star', takes the reader on an extraordinary guided tour of this beautiful country, a surprising portion of which is still unexplored. The book offers a wide array of images, from Quebec City, which recalls the Left Bank of Paris, to the continent's largest Chinatown (in Toronto), to idyllic pleasures in the vast Canadian wilderness. Inuit villages and majestic evergreen forests are among the timeless subjects featured in this colourful armchair tour. 200 colour photographs, including 18 pages of panoramic gatefolds, by some of Canada's most respected photographers are featured.

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