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Castle: A History of Buildings That Shaped Medieval Britain

Haunted Scotland
Haunted Scotland

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Scottish Castles

Scottish Castles

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Scottish Castles and Fortifications

Tales and Traditions
of Scottish Castles

Scottish Castles

Castles and Ancient Monuments of Scotland
Castles & Ancient Monuments of Scotland

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of Scotland

Stirling Castle
(Historic Scotland S.)

Balmoral: Queen Victoria's Highland Home

Corgarff Castle

Castles of Grampian and Angus

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The Ruins of Newark Castle, St.Monans, Autumn 2002: Introduced and Photographed by Duncan Glen

Scottish Castles

Castle Photography

Castle PhotographyAnatomy of the Castle The meaty written content lifts this attractive text, with its many good quality color photos of castles in western and eastern Europe, the Crusader states, and the Arabian peninsula, above the status of the coffee table. Gibson, a career soldier in England, provides competent, detailed descriptions. Castle Photography.

Great Castles of Britain and IrelandGreat Castles of Britain and Ireland Britain has a unique castle heritage, and "The Great Castles of Britain and Ireland" is a celebration of 50 beautiful, unique and fascinating castles. With stunning photography by Stephen Whitehorne, the book's engaging commentary guides the reader around the interior and exterior of each castle: architecture, furnishings, artefacts and gardens. The text is peppered with fascinating snippets of historical information, including details of past residents and military action. Included are staples such as Caerphilly, Warwick and Dover, and also Pembroke, Bamburgh and Rochester among many others. This book is a true celebration and a real treat for anyone who is fascinated by castles. The engaging text is complemented by beautiful pictures which entice the reader and bring alive the unique and very different charms of each castle covered. Castle Photography.

Britain CastlesAA Best of Britain's Castles: 100 of the Most Impressive Historic Sites in Britain (AA Best of Britain's S.) Britain's heritage of castle building through the ages is uniquely rich and absorbing, their picturesque ruins provide important clues to the past. This attractively illustrated book is organised alphabetically and tells the stories of 100 of the most spectacular castles all over the country both inhabited and deserted. Inside you'll find plenty of information about the history, architecture and occupants of each castle as well as ideas for walks and activities around and within the grounds. The essential companion for anyone who just can't resist a good castle; Superb, souvenir-style photography and illustrations capture the essence of the subject; Helpful locator map at the front of the book provides the location of all of the castles; Contact details to help plan your visits. The experts from the AA have selected 100 castles to visit so that you can enjoy the best of Britain's heritage.

Scottish Castles

Scottish Castles Through History... History.Introduces Scottish castles in history, from the earliest Celtic hill-forts, brochs and crannogs to the great might of the stone castles at Stirling and Edinburgh. The importance of each type of castle is explained and castle life, defences and their role in Scottish history also feature.

Castle PhotographsCastle: Heritage, History, Heraldry Britain and Ireland are full of castles, some still lived in, some reduced to little more than lumps and bumps in the landscape. Many of them have been the scene of great historical events - battles, sieges, executions, negotiations, kidnappings and betrayals. All have a story to tell. Their stories are often bloody and grim, but today most castles are fascinating and romantic places to visit. They include Windsor, a vast and rambling warren that would still be recognised by Medieval visitors; Carreg Cennen, a fabulous ruin complete with cliff-side 'secret' tunnel set in breathtaking landscapes in the mountains of Wales; Hermitage in the Scottish Lowlands where Mary Queen of Scots rode alone to visit her secret lover; and Blarney, most famous for its stone that you have to kiss in order to gain eloquence, but also one of Ireland's most impressive castles.

The Castles of Western and Northern... Scotland.

Castle Touring Guides: The Heart and... West of Fife.

Tales of Stirling Castle and the Battle... of Bannockburn.

The Secret Life of Edinburgh Castle

The Secret Life of Edinburgh Castle:... Facts, Funnies and Fables.

North East Castles: Castles in the... the Landscape of North East Scotland.

The "Daily Telegraph" Castles and... Ancient Monuments of Scotland.

Scottish Castles

More Tales and Traditions of Scottish... Castles. Audio Cassette. An Audio Cassette collection of tales for anyone who enjoys Scotland's heritage and tales of its gaunt and shadowy ruins.

The Magnificent Castle of Culzean

The Magnificent Castle of Culzean and... the Kennedy Family. Culzean castle on the Ayrshire coast is the most visited property of the National Trust for Scotland. Built in the late 16th century above a network of caves, the castle became a centre for smuggling during the 18th century. Sir Thomas Kennedy, 9th Earl of Cassillis, went on an extended grand tour in the 1750s and returned full of ideas as to how to improve his vast estates and home. His brother and heir commissioned Robert Adam to create his masterpiece and became bankrupt as a result. The estate was rescued when wealthy American cousins inherited it in 1792. Archibald Kennedy, 1st Marquess of Ailsa, completed the house and lavished money on the property. Produced in association with the National Trust for Scotland, this volume tells the whole history of the castle. Michael Moss has carried out extensive research, drawing on estate records, original plans and family correspondence to create a major history of the castle and an account of the running of a Scottish country estate.

The Castles of Scotland: A Comprehensive... Reference and Gazetteer to More Than 2300 Sites.

The Castles of the Heartland of Scotland.

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