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Cathedrals From AboveCathedrals From Above (From Above S.) Aerial photographs of Britain's cathedrals give an impressive view of each one and its local community. Photographs include: Canterbury, St Albans, Truro, Exeter, Southwell Minster, Peterborough, Hereford, Liverpool (Anglican and Roman Catholic), York, Ripon, Llandaff, St Davids, Glasgow St Mungo, St Andrews, Edinburgh St Giles and Winchester.

English CathedralsEnglish Cathedrals (Architecture & Planning S.) English Cathedrals is a summation of a writing-photographing partnership between man and wife which ceased in 1971, when Edwin Smith died, leaving his widow with an archive of some of the finest pictures of architecture taken in this century.

Churches to Visit in ScotlandChurches to Visit in Scotland:... Indispensable guide to over 900 abbeys, cathedrals, churches and other places of worship across Scotland. Compiled from information supplied by the churches themselves, from the history and architectural details of the building to the availability of refreshments and other visitor amenities. Includes times of services, to access for the partially-abled, location details, map references and availability of souvenirs. The perfect companion to every Scottish journey.

Scottish Medieval ChurchesScottish Medieval Churches: Architecture... Excellent book covering all aspects of Scottish Medieval architecture, written in a pleasant and informative manner. It has been very helpful in understanding the finer points of church and abbey buildings. The wealth of detail is awesome and the line drawings clear and comprehensive. There are plenty of photographs of the major features, albeit in black and white. It is clearly written to be sampled rather than reading from cover to cover, and it maintains its high standard to the last page.

Scottish Abbeys and Priories (Historic... Scotland. From the foundation of Iona in 563 and the spread of Columban monasticism, through the impact of the Reformation right up to the present day, this book looks at the architecture and archaeology of the abbeys and priories in Scotland. Those dating from medieval times are some of the most inspiring buildings ever raised on Scottish soil, and Richard Fawcett brings to life not only the most famous examples, but also many lesser known foundations with the help of maps, plans, photos and reconstructions, pointing out what can still be seen today.

Ruined Abbey Of BritainCollins Guide to the Ruined Abbeys of... Britain. This guide to monastic ruins in the British Isles looks at ruins that range from great buildings like Fountains Abbey and Rievaulx to the tiny fragments of obscurer priories. The book includes a history of the monastic orders in Britain as well as essays on their particular architectural styles. Henry Thorold is the author of the "Collins Guide to Cathedrals, Abbeys and Priories" and winner of the Thomas Cook Award for the best guide-book of the year.

The Stone Puzzle of Rosslyn Chapel Rosslyn Chapel has fuelled controversy and debate, both recently in several best-selling books as well as in past centuries. Revered by Freemasons as a vital part of their history, believed by some to hold evidence of pre-Columbian voyages to America, assumed by others to hold important relics, from the Holy Grail to the Head of Christ, the Scottish chapel is a place full of mystery. This book will guide you through the theories, showing and describing where and what is being discussed; what is impossible, what is likely...and what is fact. At the same time, the book will virtually guide you around all enigmatic and important aspects of the chapel. The history of the chapel, its relationship to freemasonry and the family behind the scenes, the Sinclairs, is brought to life, incorporating new, forgotten and often unknown evidence. Finally, the story is placed in the equally enigmatic landscape surrounding the chapel, from Templar commanderies to prehistoric markings, from an ancient kingly site to the South, to Arthur's Seat directly north from the Chapel -- before its true significance and meaning is finally unveiled: that the Chapel was a medieval stone book of esoteric knowledge, 'written' by the Sinclair family, one of the most powerful and wealthy families in Scotland, chosen patrons of Freemasonry.

The Cloisters of Iona AbbeyThe Cloisters of Iona Abbey A collection of photographs depicting the carvings of the restored cloisters, with text reflecting on the meaning of each design and information about the flora and fauna of the Isle of Iona and beyond which most of the carvings represent. This use of symbols from the natural world reflects the close links of the early Celtic Christians with the land around them. Ewan Mathers, a frequent visitor to Iona since childhood, observed the newly rebuilt cloisters being transformed over thirty years from rough pillars of sandstone to a complete, unified work of art.

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