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Catherine Sinclair (1800-1864) - Novelist

She was born on 17th April 1800 in Edinburgh, Scotland, the daughter of Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster. She was her father's secretary until his death in 1835, when she became an independent author, at first writing children's books, the most popular of which was Holiday House. Later she wrote a succession of light romantic novels and her travel books on Shetland, northern Scotland and Wales show a keen eye for scenery and local colour. Renowned as a philanthropist in Edinburgh, Catherine Sinclair supported several local missions and charities to the poor. She died on 6th August 1864.

Works: Modern Accomplishments (1836); Modern Society (1837); Hilland Valley (1838); Holiday House (1839); Scotland and the Scotch (1840); Shetland and the Shetlanders (1840); Modern Flirtations (1841); Scotch Courtiers (1842); Charlie Seymour (1844); Jane Bouverie (1846); The Journey of Life (1847); The Business of Life (1848); Sir Edward Graham (1849); Lord and Lady Harcourt (1850); The Kaleidoscope of Anecdotes and Aphorisms (1851); Beatrice (1852); Popish Legends (1852); London Homes (1853); Memoir of Sir John Sinclair Bart. (1853); The Cabman's Holiday (1855); Cross Purposes (1855); TorChester Abbey (1857); Anecdotes of the Caesars (1858); Sketches and Stories of Scotland and the Scotch (1859); Sketches and Stories of Wales and the Welsh (1860); Letters for Children (1862); The Bible Picture Letter (1863); The Mysterious Marriage (1875).

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