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Celtic DesignsDraw Your Own Celtic Designs Starting with an illustrated introduction to the Celts and the development of Celtic design, the author places the book's designs into their historical context. The following chapters examine each of the main Celtic patterns in turn: knots, spirals, key patterns, animals and beasts, and Celtic lettering. Each chapter opens with a large colour illustration to inspire readers in ways of incorporating the design into their own work. This is followed by a short introduction to the range of patterns that fall into this design category, along with photos of Celtic artefacts. The rest of the chapter consists of 16 design pages, each containing a specially commisioned step-by-step artwork for readers to follow. Beautiful to look at, and exquisitely executed in themselves, each artwork has been carefully constructed so that readers can follow its build up from start to finish with no possibility of error. The chapter on Celtic lettering contains a specially commissioned double-page artwork of the Celtic alphabet for readers to copy, and is followed by instructions on how to embellish each of the letter forms in Celtic styles. Celtic Designs.

Celtic Designs Source BookCeltic Designs (Design Source Books) A rich source of ideas and inspiration for all craftspeople and artists - these designs can be used as stencil or embroidery patterns, stationary designs, furniture decoration, glass painting guides or whatever your imagination chooses. The designs can be photocopied, traced, coloured, adapted or used as inspiration for originating your own designs. They can be enlarged or reduced for a particular project, and will stand up well to reproduction at any scale. Individual designs in the book are copyright-free, and may be used without further payment, permission or acknowledgement. The reader purchases such rights when they buy the book. Packed full of Courtney's stunning Celtic Designs wonderful spiral, knotwork, zoomorphic and key patterns inspired by the art of the Celts. Celtic Designs.

Maze PatternsMaze Patterns (Celtic Design S.) The brilliant, beautiful designs, decorations and patterns of the Celts, expressed in their metalwork, stonework and jewellery, and continued in the manuscript illumination of Celtic Christianity, are an astonishing art form whose legacy has fascinated both Celtic and non-Celtic peoples for many centuries right through to the present day. The versatile power of these ornamental designs, and hence their use as a source of inspiration for designers and craftspeople of all kinds, is revealed to the full in this step-by-step guide. Celtic mazes belong to an ancient class of spiral ornament which Celtic artists of the early middle ages developed with unequalled ingenuity and virtuosity. These patterns can even be drawn freehand following the method described here - a technique used by the ancient masters, now rediscovered and clearly illustrated for the first time. The beauty and simplicity of the designs makes them an ideal introduction to Celtic art, comprising delightful calligraphy and illumination which everyone can produce for themselves Celtic Designs.

Celtic Designs KnotworkCeltic Knotwork Handbook An introduction to creating authentic Celtic knotwork designs, providing a comprehensive plotting course and design library. There are over 400 designs, following a step-by-step process. Typical designs are worked through, with each step clearly explained. Basic designs include heart and loop shapes and move on to more complicated designs which combine different base knots. Add animal heads and tails to close knotwork borders and extend feet, eyes, ears, tails and tongues for more intricate designs. Celtic designs have a range of applications, and can be adapted for use in arts and crafts such as woodcarving, embroidery, knitting, parchment craft, patchwork, quilling, and lace making.

Spiral PatternsSpiral Patterns (Celtic Design S.) The oldest and most characteristically Celtic type of design, spiral patterns illustrate vividly the continuity between pagan and Christian Celtic art. Spirals are a constant presence, from the art of Late Stone Age Central Europe, through megalithic temple sculptures, the La Tene bronzes of the Gauls and Britons, and Pictish jewels, to the marvellous system of Celtic art's golden age in the early middle ages. Aidan Meehan gives detailed practical advice on how to adapt that living tradition to the demands of modem craft and design, with the aid of abundant illustrations. Celtic Designs.

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