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The Celtic Coin index
Celtic Art and Cultures
Celtic art and font links
Celtic Icons and Clip Art Collection
Gael Image Links
Irish Dance Links

Irish mythology - the legendary descent of the Irish Clans
Book of Leinster - 1150 A.D.
Annals of Ulster - 878 A.D. - 1260 A.D.
Welsh Mythology Names
Chronicle of the Picts and Scots
A Timeline of Irish History
Stones of England
Stones of Ireland
Stones of Scotland
Stones of Wales
Ancient Scotland Tour
Irish Archaeology
Welsh Archaeological Trusts
Scottish Archaeology Council
The Welsh Flag
The Saltire (Scotland's flag)
The Celts
Pictish Nation
Pictish Drawings
Grave slabs and Pictish Symbols of Scotland


The Irish Gaelic Language Guide
The Welsh Language
A Welsh Language course
Gaelic Languages
Gaelic Languages - Links
Pronunciation of Irish Gaelic
Learn Gaelic with the Chieftain


Medieval Irish Poetry
Medieval Welsh poetry
Scottish Poetry Library
Sonnets from Ireland
The Ballads of Scotland
Irish Poetry Page
Irish Electronic Texts
Carmina Gadelica
Scottish Literature Resources
Welsh Literature
Island Ireland directory for Irish literature
Jonathan Swift Biography
Oscar Wilde Biography
Poetry of Oscar Wilde
George Bernard Shaw Biography
John Millington Synge Biography
James Joyce Biography
Samuel Beckett Biography
Samuel Beckett On-Line Resources
Seamus Heaney Biography
Donn Byrne Biography
Patrick O'Brian Web Resources
Bram Stoker Biography


Saints of Scotland
Saints of Wales
A Guide to Irish Fairies
The Irish Fairy Folk
Irish Curses.........
Irish Proverbs......
Celtic Blessings....

Irish Medical Lore
The Toasts of Ireland
The Claddagh Ring


The Welsh Music Guild
Welsh bands, groups and artists resource

Welcome to the CURIAD web pages
Irish Traditional Music archive
English folk and traditional music on the Internet

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