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The Historical Atlas of the Celtic WorldThe Historical Atlas of the Celtic World In a series of 54 stunning full-colour maps covering 3,000 years and spanning the whole of Europe, this book comprehensively charts the dramatic history of the Celts from their origins in the Bronze Age to their present-day diaspora. Taking into account the latest research and academic controversies over the historical identity of the Celts, the atlas deals separately with the Continental Celts, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Anatolia, the Atlantic Celts, Britain and Ireland, and the Modern Celts and the current state of Celtic culture. Celtic World.

Exploring the World of the CeltsExploring the World of the Celts Warlike, flamboyant, courageous, the ancient Celts had a fearsome reputation, even among the bellicose Romans. For 500 years they dominated the barbarian lands north of the Alps, before being largely absorbed into the Roman Empire. But Celtic culture survived and achieved a glorious flowering in the post-Roman, early Christian era. Today Celtic influence can be found everywhere, in arts and crafts, in legends, in placenames and even in the languages we speak. In this new introduction to the world of the Celts, Simon James looks at all aspects of their history. Individual sections chart their rise, their way of life from farming to feasting, their wars, their gods, and their superb craftsmanship. Also highlighted are the hitherto neglected subject of Celtic life under Roman rule and persistent traditions that led to the Celtic renaissance in Ireland after AD 400. Original features include the latest discoveries; extracts from classical authors; illustrated retellings of the most famous myths and legends; tables of comparative information; diagrams, maps and site plans. The Celts once held sway over much of Europe, from Caledonia to Asia Minor. Here is the whole story of this immensely inventive and influential people. Celtic World.

A Dictionary of Celtic MythologyA Dictionary of Celtic Mythology (Oxford Paperback Reference S.) A comprehensive and accessible survey of one of the world's richest mythological traditions. It covers the people, themes, concepts, places, and creatures of Celtic mythology, saga, legend, and folklore from both ancient and modern traditions, in 4,000 entries ranging from brief definitions to short essays. An introductory essay explores the origins and identity of Celts, the history of the Celtic revival, and the meaning and role of mythology. Celtic World.

The Celtic LanguagesThe Celtic Languages (Routledge Language Family Descriptions S.) The Celtic Languages describes in depth all the Celtic languages from historical, structural and sociolinguistic perspectives, with individual chapters on Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Manx, Welsh, Breton and Cornish. This comprehensive volume is arranged in four parts for ease of reference, reflecting the most important features of the language family and aiding cross-linguistic comparison. The first part covers the origin and history of the Celtic languages, including their spread and retreat, present-day distribution and a survey of the extant and recently extant languages. Parts II and III devote whole chapters to describing the structural details of each of the languages, including phonology, morphology, syntax, dialectology and lexis. The final part provides wide-ranging sociolinguistic detail, such as identifying areas of usage, maintenance and each language's prospects for survival. This is an invaluable reference tool for both students and teachers of linguistics, especially those with an interest in typology, language universals and the unique sociolinguistic position which the Celtic languages occupy. Celtic World.

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