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Bonnie Prince Charlie

Prince Charles Edward Stuart
‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’

Centre of hopes of a Stuart restoration from his childhood, Charles landed in the Hebrides in 1745; in weeks he had won a crushing victory at Prestonpans and held almost the whole of Scotland. Charles’ army marched south as far as Derby before, cut off from their own support, they turned north again. The Duke of Cumberland’s army caught up with them at Culloden in April of 1746, where Charles, against the advice of his brilliant General Lord George Murray, chose to fight. The Jacobites were decimated and hopes of a Stuart restoration crushed. After spending five months on the run, Charles finally escaped on a French ship. The Highlands were punished terribly by the British Government, who dismantled the social and cultural fabric of Scottish Gaeldom. Charles lived out his days in fading hope, guilt and drunken dissolution.