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Spectacular China

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China Remembered

The Face Of China
The Face of China 1860 - 1912: As Seen by Photographers and Travelers

Impressions from China
Empire: Impressions from China

Mei Mei: Little Sister

Chinese Photographers
Out of the Red: The New Emerging Generation of Chinese Photographers

China Photographers
China (Caught in Time Great Photographic Archives)

Beijing and Xian
Beijing and Xian: China's Great Capitals

China Photography
Burtynsky, China: The Photographs of Edward Burtynsky


China Photography

New ChinaChina: In the Kingdom of the Dragon Here is the new China, opening itself up to the free market and building cities that rival Western ones in terms of architecture and technology. Here is also the old China - with its ancient architectural wonders and natural beauty. In this book both are described in fascinating commentary and in astounding colour photographs that show a mix of the ancient and futuristic as China's citizens head into the next millennium by rediscovering their ancient roots. In China, cities with skylines that look like backdrops to sci-fi movies coexist with millennium-old monuments and values that have remained unchanged for centuries. The overpopulated cities of the eastern plains are juxtaposed with the natural marvels of the West, such as the forests and blue lakes of Sichuan, the Himalayan peaks, and the deserts and Blue Mountains of Xinjiang. And there are the Yellow and Yangtze rivers, dividing the country into north and south, and defending the landscape of the Three Gorges celebrated in Chinese literature and painting. This book captures all of this natural and architectural diversity as well as that of China's many people. Photos of sweeping landscapes together with shots of people going about everyday life, from applying makeup to fishing, are accompanied by texts that explore the ethnic diversity of the people and the range of cities from Zhenghou, the site of archaeological discovery.

Lost ChinaLost China: The Photographs of Leone Nani An evocative compilation of more than 180 stunning period duotone photographs by a missionary who served in central China from 1904 to 1914 captures an array of everyday life scenes, religious ceremonies, architectural landmarks, landscapes, and people from the remote villages that he served. 22,000 first printing.

The Yellow Mountains of ChinaCelestial Realm: The Yellow Mountains of China A lavishly produced volume featuring stunning duotone images of China's fabled Yellow Mountains by the celebrated photographer Wang Wusheng. For more than three decades, Wang Wusheng has been captivated by the beauty of Mount Huangshan, also known as the Yellow Mountains. Located in the southern part of the Anhul province in northern China, Mount Huangshan has often been described as the world's most beautiful and enchanting mountain. Over the centuries this mountain with its seventy-two peaks has been the subject of Chinese landscape painters, whose singular works are so haunting it seems impossible that these mountains exist in nature. Inspired by the legacy of these paintings, Wang Wusheng has sought to portray this scenic wonder. As shown in the collection of ninety photographs in this extraordinary volume, here are mistshrouded, granlte peaks emerging from an ever-changing veil of clouds, sculptural craggy rocks, springs on lifty cliffs, and weathered, oddly-shaped pine trees, depicted in all seasons and at various times of day.

ChinaChina The photographer Yann Layma has spent nine years in China and his reportage of this vast country includes town and country, tradition and modernity, and every aspect of public and private life. The pictures are complemented by essays from a group of highly-regarded writers.

Vanished KingdomsVanished Kingdoms: A Woman Explorer in Tibet, China and Mongolia 1921-1925 In the early 1920s, the last great age of world explorers, a remarkable young woman, Janet Elliott Wulsin, set out with her husband, Frederick Wulsin, for the far reaches of China, Tibet and Mongolia to study the people, flora and fauna of the region. Janet's strenuous, eventful exploration is detailed by a text enriched with excerpts from her candid personal letters. The journey proved to be a test of the Wulsin's endurance and of their relationship.

The ChineseLiu Zheng: The Chinese Liu seeks out moments in which archetypal Chinese characters are encountered in extreme and unexpected situations. His photographs are divided among a number of topics which betray a dark vision, albeit one that is laced with mordant humor.

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