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Clan Ranald of Lochaber, Scotland

Known also as the Clan Ranald of Lochaber, the MacDonells of Keppoch and Garragach are descended from Alastair Carrach, 3rd son of John, Lord of the Isles. Alastair was, in common with the progenitors of Clanranald and Glengarry, a grandson of King Robert II.
In 1431 Alastair was forfeited for his part in the insurrection of Donald Balloch, and part of his lands were granted to MacKintosh, chief of Clan Chattan, which caused a long feud between the two clans. John, 4th of Keppoch, was deposed by the clan for delivering a clansmen to. the MacKintosh. He was succeeded by his cousin-german Donald Glas, whose son Ranald assisted John of Moidart at Blar-na-Leine in 1544, and for his part in the rebellions was executed in Elgin along with Locheil. Ranald, 9th of Keppoch, an outlaw for most of his life, served in the Swedish army.

Donald Glas, 11th Chief, served in the Spanish army. Alexander, 12th of Keppoch, and his brother were murdered in 1663, an event commemorated in Tobair-nan-ceann, the well of the heads, near Invergarry, where the heads of the seven murderers were washed before being placed before Lord McDonell of Invergarry. Coll, 15th of Keppoch, known as "Coll of the Cows " withstood all attempts of the MacKintoshes, assisted by government troops, to capture him, and for forty years he held his lands in Lochaber by right of the sword. He was succeeded by his son Alexander, who with his followers joined Prince Charles Edward in 1745. By intercepting government troops attempting to surprise the gathering at Glenfinnan, they were first to strike a
blow in the '45.

Keppoch died fighting single-handed at Culloden. The last chief of Keppoch, in the direct line, died in 1889.

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