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British CoastlineCoastline UK: Amazing Views from the Air Apparently anonymous mudflats, dunes and scrubland become the source of strange, exotic hues and patterns when viewed directly from above. Small harbours yield complex herringbone arrangements of elegantly narrow boats. Even container ports can become semi-abstract assemblages of multi-coloured units. And familiar landmarks take on a wholly new and fascinating aura. Internationally renowned aerial photographer, Richard Cooke, has created an extraordinary sequence of images that celebrate the diversity and beauty of the UK shores. To achieve the mesmerizing effects of colour and form, Richard chose, as far as possible, to photograph directly above the subject-areas, thus creating marvellously composed photographic compositions. Themselves works of extraordinary beauty, the images in this book are divided according to coast - south, west, east, Scottish and Northern Irish. Together, they form a truly unique and totally unexpected picture of British shores, which reveal themselves to be the equal in variety and drama to any in the world. Coastal Photography.

BeachesBeaches This attractive picture book provides evocative color photographs of unusual and archetypal beach scenes from Cape Cod to Bora Bora, accompanied by snippets of literary, scientific, and historical observations about the perennial allure of the unstable and dangerously seductive strip of land known as the beach. Coastal Photography.

Coast PhotographyCoast Accompanying the BBC series, Coast is not only a superbly illustrated celebration of Britain s coastal areas but a practical guide to all that they have to offer. The first part of the book is divided into the 12 coastal regions as featured in the programme, with lavish photography, maps and evocative essays. The second part is a region-by-region reference of places, people, activities, natural history, historic events and fascinating facts all clearly laid out to help you plan your own trip. Whether destined for the coffee table, your reference library or the car, Coast takes you there with charm and style.

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