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Allo Allo
'Allo 'Allo - Series 3
And 4 [1982]

Auf Wiedersehen Pet
Auf Wiedersehen Pet: The Special

Rowan Atkinson DVDs

Bill Bailey Live
Bill Bailey Live
- Part Troll

Billy Connolly World Tour Of New Zealand
Billy Connolly - World Tour Of New...

Roy Chubby Brown

Butterflies - Series 1 [1978]

The Brittas Empire
The Brittas Empire - The Complete Series...

Carry On Comedies

Cheers - Season 3 [1983]

John Cleese DVDs

Jim Davidson Live -
Vote For Jim [2003]

Father Ted
Father Ted : Complete Box Set

Francie And Josie

French And Saunders - The Best Of French...

Rikki Fulton's Reverend IM Jolly And...

The Goodies
The Goodies - At Last A Second Helping

Eddie Izzard DVDs

The Best Of Frankie Howerd
The Best Of Frankie Howerd

Eddie Izzard
Eddie Izzard - Sexie [2003]

Jasper Carrott - 24 Carrott Gold - The...

Keeping Up Appearances
Keeping Up Appearances - Series 1 And 2...

Lee Evans
Lee Evans - Wired And Wonderful - Live...

The Best Of Spike Milligan

Morecambe And Wise
The Very Best of Morecambe & Wise

Peter Kay
Peter Kay - Live At The Bolton Albert...

The Royle Family
The Royle Family - The Complete First...

Sex and the City:
Series 6 [1999]

Some Mothers Do Ave Em
Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em - The Complete...

The Steamie

Steptoe And Son
Steptoe And Son - Series 1 [1962]

Still Crazy
Still Crazy [1998]

Still Game
Chewin' The Fat - Still Game [1999]

The Two Ronnies
The Two Ronnies - The Best Of The Two...

Thin Blue Line
Thin Blue Line, The - The Complete Thin...

To The Manor Born
To The Manor Born - Series 3 [1979]

Yes Minister

Yes Minister - Series 1 [1980]

Comedy DVDs

Absolutely Fabulous was first broadcast in 1992 and became an instant hit. Originally a sketch on the French and Saunders Show, Jennifer Saunders saw its potential and created one of the most ground-breaking and debauched comedies on British TV. Comedy DVDs.

Alan Partridge. Includes Steve Coogan's media creation back in his native Norwich, having lost his beloved chat show Knowing Me, Knowing You, and now reduced to the pre-Breakfast slot playing old T'Pau and Soft Cell singles to an audience of farmers and all-night bakery workers.

Ali G, Innit [2002] An oasis of chortles in the laugh desert that is Channel 4's The 11 O'Clock Show, Ali G has since progressed to both his own programme and comedy icon status. Innit, meanwhile, rounds up the finest moments from the rapper's time on 11 O'Clock with some extra footage thrown in for good measure. Comedy DVDs

Blackadder Follow the progress of Rowan Atkinson's irredeemably wicked Edmund Blackadder throughout history in this complete box set of all four series, from the snivelling War of the Roses-era creep in the Shakespearean parody that was the first series, to his final and unexpectedly noble demise in the trenches of the First World War in Blackadder Goes Forth.

Best of Victor Borge: Act One & Two... Victor Borge is perhaps the greatest performer of one man shows ever. His contact with the audience and energy on stage is unique. Who will ever forget "Phonetic punctuation", his stories about the danish composer Mozart(!), and the magic moments, where he shows how wonderful a pianist his is too? Comedy DVDs.

Billy Connolly - Live 2002 As you might have guessed already, Billy Connolly Live 2002 presents highlights from the Big Yin's 2002 stage tour. The programme is divided in two, the first part offering an hour from his Dublin show, the second delivering 45 minutes of highlights from eight other performances. Comedy DVDs.

Dad's Army - The Complete Series 1 And... 2. Classic TV comedy from the Home Guards at Walmington-On-Sea who are both bumbling and ineffectual as well as incompetent which makes life chaotic for all around. Contains all of the first series followed by the remaining episodes of the second series. Comedy DVDs.

The Best Of Les Dawson Les Dawson’s career spanned over 25 years and made him one of Britain’s best loved comedians. This collection captures classic moments from the Les Dawson show, Blankety Blank and Dawson’s hilarious drag pairing with Roy Barraclough as the gossiping housewives. Comedy DVDs.

Dinnerladies - The Complete Second... This is the second series of the comedy, penned by Victoria Wood, about a factory canteen and the dinnerladies who work there.

Ealing Studios DVD Collection -... Featuring: Champagne Charlie, The Maggie, It Always Rains On Sunday and Whisky Galore. Comedy DVDs.

Fawlty Towers. Often hailed as the greatest ever British sitcom, Fawlty Towers is closer to the more elaborate tradition of farce. Comprising two series made in 1975 and 1979, the total of 12 episodes were painstakingly constructed by writers John Cleese and Connie Booth.

Frasier. Includes a boxed set featuring all the episodes from season two. 'Slow Tango In South Seattle', 'The Unkindest Cut Of All', 'The Matchmaker', 'Flour Child', 'Dukes, We Hardly Knew You', 'The Botched Language Of Cranes', 'The Candidate', 'Adventures In Paradise - Parts One And Two', 'Burying A Grudge', 'Seat Of Power', 'Roz In The Doghouse', 'Retirement Is Murder', 'Fool Me Once, Shame on You, Fool Me Twice...', 'You Scratch My Book', 'The Show Where Sam Shows Up', 'Daphne's Room (aka A Room With A View', 'The Club', 'Someone To Watch Over Me', 'Breaking The Ice', 'An Affair To Forget', 'Agents In America - Part 3', 'The Innkeeper' and 'Dark Victory'.

Friends. Offers include the final series of the TV comedy. Episodes include: 'The One Where Chandler Gets Caught', 'The One Where The Stripper Cries', 'The One With Phoebe's Wedding', 'The One Where Joey Speaks French', 'The One With Princess Consuela', 'The One Where Estelle Dies', 'The One With Rachel's Going Away'. Comedy DVDs

Futurama. Includes every episode from the first season of the hit television comedy plus Seasons 2, 3 and 4. 'Space Pilot 3000', 'The Series Has Landed', 'I, Roommate', 'Love's Labour's Lost In Space', 'Fear Of A Bot Planet', 'A Fistful Of Dollars', 'My Three Suns', 'A Big Piece Of Garbage'. Comedy DVDs

The Good Life - Complete Features the complete episodes from the television comedy series which sees Tom and Barbara leave the rat-race in an attempt to live a self-sufficient life; with varying degrees of success!

Hancock's Half Hour - Vol. 1 [1957]. Tony Hancock has been voted Britain's best ever comedy performer thirty-five years after his premature death in 1968. Contains the remaining episodes from Series 2 and Series 3 plus a Christmas Special. Episodes from Series 2: 'The Alpine Holiday'. Episodes from Series 3: 'Air Steward Hancock.'

Have I Got News For You [1990] The Very Best of Have I Got News for You is a massive three-and-a-quarter-hour compilation of many of the funniest and all the most famous moments from the first 12 years of the BBC comedy satire quiz show. Comedy DVDs.

Benny Hill - Double Helpings Featuring two programmes: 'The Very Best Of Benny Hill' and 'The Crazy World Of Benny Hill'. Comedy DVDs.

Last Of The Summer Wine. The comic trials and tribulations of life for a group of retired friends based in a village in West Yorkshire. Episodes include: 'The Man From Oswestry', 'Mending Stuart's Leg', 'Cheering Up Gordon', 'Ferret Come Home', 'Getting On Sidney's Wire', 'Jubilee', 'Flower Pot Cut', 'Greenfingers'.

Laurel & Hardy - The Collection (21-disc... This 21-disc box set includes 20 classic Laurel & Hardy films and various shorts, plus a bonus disc containing the original version of Brats (1930), extracts from the German version of Pardon Us (1931), Thundering Fleas (1926), Fluttering Hearts (1927), Prudence (1927). Comedy DVDs.

The League Of Gentlemen [1999] Critically acclaimed and rapidly breeding a cult following, the bizarre BBC television series The League of Gentlemen is to sitcoms like The Good Life or even Friends what David Lynch's films are to Frank Capra movies. Comedy DVDs.

Little Britain - Series 1 [2003] Meet the characters that inhabit Little Britain, in the first series of the comedy sketch show. Characters such as Dafydd, the only gay man in his village, Fatfighters group leader Majorie Dawes, teenage girl Vicky Pollard, and rubbish transvestite Emily Howard. Comedy DVDs.

Local Hero [1983] This film is gorgeous. If you want to roar with laughter it might not be your cup of tea, but it's a real giggle right the way through and actually gets funnier with repeat viewing as you begin to notice all the little quirky moments. Comedy DVDs.

M.A.S.H. - Season 5 The television comedy series which follows the fortunes of the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital on a tour of duty in Korea in the 1950s. Episodes include: 'Dear Sigmund', 'Hawk's Nightmare' and 'Margaret's Marriage'. Comedy DVDs.

Men Behaving Badly - Last Orders Men Behaving Badly has to be one of the best comedies of the 90's. I was always in fits of laughter when I first watched this comedy and still do when I watch the repeats, it's a classic and this dvd box set is a must for any fan!

Monty Python. Offers include all four Monty Python movies in one box set: And Now For Something Completely Different, Monty Python And The Holy Grail, Monty Python's Life Of Brian and 'Monty Python's Meaning Of Life. Comedy DVDs.

The Office. It feels both inaccurate and inadequate to describe The Office as a comedy. On a superficial level, it disdains all the conventions of television sitcoms: there are no punch lines, no jokes, no laugh tracks, and no cute happy endings. Comedy DVDs.

On The Buses / Mutiny On The Buses /... In 'On The Buses' sees women drivers employed to ease staff shortages at the bus depot. 'Mutiny On the Buses' visits Windsor Safari Park where the conductresses are dropping their knickers in protest. 'Holiday On The Buses' finds the team descending on a Welsh holiday village.

One Foot In The Grave - Series 1 -... The entire first series of 'One Foot In The Grave'. Includes the episodes 'Alive And Buried', 'The Big Sleep', 'The Valley Of Fear', 'I'll Retire To Bedlam', 'The Eternal Quadrangle' and 'The Return Of The Speckled Band' in which Victor and his long suffering wife embark on a holiday to Athens with a little more in their luggage than they thought.

Only Fools and Horses. Join Delboy, Rodney, Grandad and Uncle Albert in the complete television series. Episodes include: 'Big Brother', 'Go West Young Man', 'Cash And Curry', 'The Second Time Around', 'A Slow Bus To Chingford', 'The Russians Are Coming' and 'Christmas Crackers'. Comedy DVDs.

Porridge. Includes all six episodes from the first series of the classic TV comedy. The episodes are 'New Faces, Old Hands', 'The Hustler', 'A Night In', 'A Day Out', 'Ways And Means' and 'Men Without Women'. Comedy DVDs.

Red Dwarf has been stolen and our intrepid heroes are hot on its trail. Starbug, unable to match its speed, has to take a short-cut to overtake it. Unfortunately this involves going through a very dangerous area which is patrolled by rogue droids that absolutely despise humans. Rimmer creates a a world populated by his clones, Lister gets married, Kryten becomes Sheriff in the Wild West and they meet their future selves who want to kill them.

Rising Damp. Includes all the episodes from Series 1 to 4 including: 'Rooksby', 'Black Magic', 'Charisma', 'Night Out', 'All Our Yesterdays', 'The Prowler', 'Permissive Society', 'Food Glorious Food', 'A Body Like Mine', 'The Perfect Gentleman', 'The Last Of The Big Spenders', 'Things That Go Bump In The Night'. Comedy DVDs.

The Simpsons smartly subverts traditional family sitcom convention, but anyone who thinks the show doesn't have a heart is advised to watch "I Love Lisa" and "New Kid on the Block", two fourth-series gems that absolutely nail the agony and ecstasy of unrequited crushes ("You won't be needing this", a heartbroken Bart fantasises his babysitter saying while dropkicking his heart into a wastebasket in "New Kid"). Comedy DVDs.

South Park: Complete Series 1 Set in a Colorado mountain town that gets destroyed on a regular basis and is populated by the dumbest, most vulgar characters imaginable, South Park is an anarchic animated sitcom that owes more to the spirit of Monty Python than to its comparatively tame predecessor The Simpsons.

Dave Spikey - Overnight Success Tour... Filmed in front of a live audience at the Leeds Music Varieties Theatre, Dave keeps the audience in hysterics with his down-to-earth observations about everything from the difference between Northerners and Southerners to memory loss, fashion for old men, badly written obituaries and ducks doing cabaret! Comedy DVDs.

Steptoe And Son / Steptoe And Son Ride... A double feature of the rag and bone men from the popular TV series. 'Steptoe And Son' sees Harold trying to marry a glamorous stripper called Zita. 'Steptoe And Son Ride Again' finds Harold receiving an assault from a buxom blonde whilst he is collecting her late husband's clothes.

Tommy Cooper - The Very Best Of There are probably more Tommy Cooper video recordings available than there were performances. This one is as good as any, but then they're pretty much all as good as each other.

The West Wing - Complete Season 4 There is no letdown in talent or skill for the third season of this blue ribbon drama. One could say these 22 episodes play as a continuation of the second season; there are no major new characters or earth-shattering plots and the Emmys rewarded the series with its third straight award for Best Comedy. Comedy DVDs.

Victoria Wood - At The Albert Hall -... Victoria Wood Live at the Albert Hall provides proof, if any were needed, that after two decades at the top of her profession, Wood is one of a small handful of British comedians of either sex capable of filling the country's largest venues.

Yes, Prime Minister. Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn's superb sitcom Yes, Prime Minister entered 10 Downing Street with Jim Hacker now Prime Minister of Britain, following a campaign to "Save the British Sausage". Whether tackling defence ("The Grand Design"), local government ("Power to the People"). Comedy DVDs.

The Young Ones. "A horrible, vile, disgusting sitcom about four students who live in the most revolting house in Britain", The Young Ones became an instant BBC comedy landmark in 1982 by launching an all-out assault on the moribund sitcom, mixing Monty Python-esque madness with post-punk anarchy. Comedy DVDs.

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