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Lighting for PortraitsLighting for Portraits (Lighting) Lighting for portraits requires a broad range of skills and a way with people. This title examines the work of top photographers to uncover precisely how their highly successful portraits are achieved. A broad range of styles and skills are covered, ranging from simple set-ups using one light, to more advanced approaches using multiple lighting techniques. The examples shown are of known and unknown faces, and the functions range from commercial, to editorial and personal work. Commercial Photography.

Sell Your PhotosSell and Re-sell Your Photos Completely revised and updated, this classic book shows new and veteran photographers how to sell their work. Filled with photos, charts, tables and sidebars, Sell & Re-Sell Your Photos helps photographers focus their goals and improve their profits. Includes advice on:. Good pictures vs. marketable pictures. The web and how computers are being used in the stock photo business. How to market by mail, and present a professional image. Promotion techniques that get pictures noticed. A filing method that keeps pictures easily retrievable. How to approach a photo agency. Commercial Photography.

The Annabel Williams Book of Wedding and Portrait Photography Williams shares the timetable of a real-life wedding, listing the range of equipment and techniques she uses to ensure she gets the variety of pictures everyone wants from the day. The challenges of lighting for interior and outdoor shots, and for winter weddings and rainy days, are covered. Advice on editing a wedding album is included, as is a final chapter on new and exciting ways of successfully marketing your work.

The Best of Wedding Photography: For Digital and Film Photographers Wedding photography is an ever-changing genre, where diverse styles compete for attention in a crowded marketplace. Experienced photographer Bill Hurter analyses how some of the industry's most acclaimed professionals create their dazzling images and stay at the top of this challenging field. A must have for wedding photographers. Commercial Photography.

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