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Desert PhotographyCall of the Desert the Sahara Photographer Bourseiller embarked on the first truly comprehensive photographic exploreations of this enormous territory. Here in 200 compelling images ranging from the white sands of Arguin to the colourful baks of the Niger river, from the rock paintings of Tassili to the lakes of Ennedi, Bourseiller communicates his powerful experience of the desert.

BedouinBedouin: Nomads of the Desert The Bedu people, whose name embodies the very idea of nomadism, have lived for centuries in the vast, inhospitable deserts of the Middle East, leading their herds of sheep and camels in search of pasture. However, today the Bedu culture is under threat; their migrations curtailed by competing oil interests in the region and by the portacabins and landcruisers that adapt the old ways to the demands of the modern world. Alan Keohane has spent many years travelling with the Bedu tribes in the Middle East and in this photographic record, he pays tribute to the ancient tribal customs that still survive among those who continue their annual journey across the desert plains. Living among the Bedus, he observes the quotidian details of nomadic life, from the everyday chores of cooking and collecting water to the more elaborate tasks of weaving, moving camp and celebrating feasts. Above all, "Bedouin" is a photographic portrait of a people whose life is rich in colour and culture. Its testimony will ensure that the Bedu and their ancient, determined lifestyle are not forgotten. Desert Photography.

Desert StyleDesert Style Desert Style is cool living in hot climates. Based on the idea that a home should exist in harmony with its landscape, author Mary Whitesides shows how materials and textures reflect the land, and how desert hues and cooling tones can be used in beautiful and efficient ways. She discusses how to use flowing and open interiors, patios, and thoughtfully placed windows to extend living spaces outside, enhancing the relationship to the natural world. Desert Style is abundantly illustrated, and offers advice on every aspect of desert living, including building materials, space issues, heating and cooling systems, furniture, paint, even how to choose art that will complement a particular style like Old World Anasazi or High Desert Adobe. Desert Style also includes a section on landscaping and choosing plants for a desert environment, plus information on how to incorporate fountains and reflecting pools into landscaping to create a private oasis for any desert home. With 140 gorgeous full-colour photographs of desert homes throughout the high Rocky Mountain deserts and the Southwest, plus a comprehensive resource listing, Desert Style will have everyone heading for drier ground. Desert Photography.

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