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Donald Campbell - Poet

Poet and dramatist. He was born on 25 February 1940 in Wick, Caithness, but most of his life has been spent in Edinburgh, where he has been a full-time writer since 1974. Most of his poetry is written in an eloquent colloquial Scots, reminiscent of the voice of his fellow Edinburgh poet, Robert Garioch Sutherland, and it is remarkable for its conversational ease. That, together with the sensitivity of his poetic response to the human condition, has made Campbell one of the most interesting dramatists writing in Scotland, notably in plays such as The Widows of Clyth (1979), which examines the impact on a small community of a fishing tragedy and the plight of the surviving womenfolk.

Works include; Poems (1971); Rhymes 'n Reasons (1972); Murals (1974); The Jesuit (1976); Somerville the Soldier (1978); The Widows of Clyth (1979)

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