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Dunkeld Genealogy

A quick look at the Dunkeld name provides some very surprising results. Now I see why the hotel is called Royal Dunkeld. Dr Brian Thomson, Scot Roots genealogist.

* Crinan the Thane, Abbot of Dunkeld, born in Atholl between 975-995 was the son of King Malcolm II (McAlpin) of Scotland.

* Matilda Dunkeld was born 1079 at Dunfermline. , her father Malcolm II of Scotland, mother Saint Margaret. She married Henry England at Westminster Abbey in 1100.

* Prince Maldred Dunkeld was born about 1015 at Dunbar, East Lothian.

* Alexander III, King of Scots was known as Alexander III Dunkeld, King of Scots , born 1241 at Roxburgh Castle, and was the son of Alexander II Dunkeld.

There will be connections between all this Dunkeld name Royalty, which will be investigated.

Moving on to lesser mortals, there is recorded a John Dunkeldyne (an old spelling of the place name) who in 1413 was granted safe conduct in England.

Coming on to Church Parish records there was a significant Dunkeld family who lived in the Keir parish of Dumfriesshire . Their records are obvious from at least early 1700's up to 1860's and beyond . Some of the Dunkeld name are evident in adjacent Kircudbrightshire from 1840's, and from north England (Carlisle and Cumberland) in the 1850's to 1870's. In the 1881 Census for all Scotland the limited number and distribution of Dunkeld- named entries is of interest (numbers represent separate families and individuals ) - 20 entries in Dumfriessshire, 14 in Kircudbrightshire, 12 in Midlothian(incl Edinburgh), and 6 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire & Renfrewshire.

So although the name Dunkeld is of territorial origin from the place, and has unique royal connections, it subsequently became a family name known in south-west Scotland. (For the moment Sandy I would assume that most people with the surname Dunkeld today have their origins in the Dumfriesshire family)

The first evidence I can find so far of its occurrence overseas is from Nova Scotia in the 1780's, then in Ontario from the 1850's.

So quite an interesting picture on this name, I think.
As and when genealogy research is required, I do also have a good local contact in Dumfriesshire who may be able to assist me with local information on the historical Dunkeld family there.
Dr Brian Thomson, Scot Roots genealogist.

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