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Dunstaffnage Castle Oban Scotland

Dunstaffnage Castle

Dunstaffnage is without doubt one of the finest examples of strategic positioning in the Western Highlands, standing on a high promontory that is almost an island. The early Scots brought the famous Stone of Destiny, which forms the seat of the Coronation Seat in Westminster Abbey, from Ireland to Dunstaffnage Castle, its first resting place in mainland Scotland. In the 9th Century the stone was moved to Scone near Perth, and it was here that the kings of Scotland were crowned for many years, until in 1296 Edward I came to the English throne and took the stone, along with the ancient records of Scotland, to London. In 1603 James VI of Scotland, son of Mary, Queen of Scots, succeeded to the united thrones of the two kingdoms as James I.
Originally a MacDougall castle, Dunstaffhage was taken by Robert the Bruce when he took his revenge on the MacDougall clan in the Pass of Brander in 1308. Bruce made Dunstaffnage a Royal Castle and put it in the care of the Campbells, whose chief was the Duke of Argyll. Dunstaffnage Castle was greatly enlarged in the 15th Century on the orders of Alexander II, for his attack against the Norse Hebrides. Dunstaffnage is mentioned once again in the records of 1746 when the immortal Flora MacDonald, who helped Prince Charles Edward Stuart escape to Skye, was held captive here.
Dunstaffnage has not been used as a residence since 1810, when a great fire ruined it. The 13th Century castle was roughly quadrangular with walls ten feet thick and round towers. The gatehouse tower was built in the 16th Century and was the family's home until burnt out in 1810, when they moved into Dunstaffnage House, the Factor's home. This too was burnt in 1940 and Angus
Campbell, Captain of Dunstaffnage, moved to a small cottage on the estate, where until his death in 1958 he lived with some of the family treasures and fine paintings he had managed to rescue. Located five miles north of Oban.

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