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The Life of George Mackay Brown
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History of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
Physicians and Society: A History of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

Scots Out West
Scots Out West

Just Being There
Just Being There: With Bears and Tigers in the North Sea

Reith Of The BBC
My Father: Reith
of the BBC

Robert Louis Stevenson Biography
Robert Louis Stevenson: A Biography

Everyday Heroes
Everyday Heroes: The 30-year Story of the Strathclyde Fire Brigade

Gaucho Laird
Gaucho Laird - The Life of R. B. "Don Roberto" Cunninghame Graham

Relative Stranger
Relative Stranger: A
Life After Death

A Childhood in Perth
That's Fourpence
You're Eating!: A Childhood in Perth

Chief John Ross
John Ross, Cherokee Chief (Brown Thrasher Books)

Alexander King Of Scots
Alexander III:
King of Scots

The Black Watch
The Black Watch

The Burns Boys
The Burns Boys

A Scottish Country Doctor
A Scottish Country Doctor

Sir William Jardine
Sir William Jardine

The Days of Duchess Anne
The Days of Duchess Anne

Lucky Jack
Lucky Jack - Scotland's First Minister

John Brown
John Brown: Queen Victoria's Highland... Servant

A Hundred Years in the Highlands
A Hundred Years in the Highlands

The Dundas Despotism
The Dundas Despotism

The Oilmen
The Oilmen: The North Sea Tigers

St Valery
St. Valery: The Impossible Odds

Ian Donald
Ian Donald - a Memoir

Can't Shoot a Man with a Cold
Can't Shoot a Man with a Cold: Lt. E....

Sex on the Rates
Sex on the Rates: Memoirs of a Family...

The Whisky Barons
The Whisky Barons

Lord Cochrane: Seaman, Radical, Liberator

David Dale of New Lanark
David Dale of New Lanark: A Bright...

From the Alleghenies to the Hebrides
From the Alleghenies to the Hebrides: An...

Flowers in the Snow
Flowers in the Snow: The Life of sobel... Wylie Hutchison

David Coulthard
David Coulthard: His Decade in Formula 1

Small Steps with Heavy Hooves
Small Steps with Heavy Hooves: A...

Feet of Clay
Feet of Clay: An Autobiography

Annie Lennox Biography
Annie Lennox - The Biography

Benny Lynch
Benny: The Life and Times of a Fighting...

John Macmurray
John Macmurray: A Biography

Scotland First
Scotland First: Truth and Consequences

The Pleader
The Pleader: An Autobiography

The Big Men
The Big Men

Cardinal of Scotland
Cardinal of Scotland: David Beaton,

A Touch More Treason
A Touch More Treason

Isle of the Displaced: Italian-Scot's Memoirs of Internment During the Second World War

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Mary Queen Of Scots
Hugh Miller
John Muir
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Mungo Park
Scottish Queens
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Thomas Telford
William Wallace

Recommended Scottish Biographies

The John Martyn StoryJohn Martyn Story. The John Martyn Story. John Martyn is one of rock music's last real mavericks. Despite long-term addiction to alcohol and drugs, he produced a string of matchless albums. Loved by fans and critics, loathed by ex-managers, he has survived the music business he despises for forty years. With contributions by Martyn, many of his lovers and over twenty musicians who know him well, this book documents his upbringing in Glasgow and rise through the Scottish and London folk scene of the 1960s, recalling his many subsequent highs and lows, and his friendships with the lost great souls of British rock music, Nick Drake and Paul Kossoff. This title includes rare, previously unseen photographs, gig list and discography.

David WilkieDavid Wilkie: The People's Painter. The artist David Wilkie (1785-1841), was the first British painter to become an international celebrity. Based on extensive original research, this book explores the ways in which Wilkie's images, so beloved by his contemporaries, engaged with a range of cultural predicaments close to their hearts. In a series of thematic chapters, whose concerns range far beyond the details of Wilkie's own career, Tromans shows how, through Wilkie's thrillingly original work, British society was able to reimagine its own everyday life, its history, and its multinational (Anglo-Scottish) nature. Other themes covered include Wilkie's roles in defining the border between painting and anatomy in the representation of the human body, and in transforming the pleasures of connoisseurship from an elite to a popular audience. For the first time, all of Wilkie's major subject pictures are brought together, reproduced and discussed. With a great range of new archival material and original interpretive arguments, this book replaces Wilkie at the centre of the visual culture of British Romanticism.

Thomas CochraneThomas Cochrane was born in 1775, and came from an ancient Scottish family with a large house at Culross, on the banks of the Firth of Forth, Fife, Scotland. Cochrane the Dauntless: The Life and Adventures of Thomas Cochrane. Patrick O'Brian, C. S. Forester and Captain Marryat all based their literary heroes on Thomas Cochrane, but as David Cordingly shows, Cochrane's own real life exploits were far more daring and exciting than those of his fictional counterparts. Cochrane was a man of action, whose impulsive nature meant that he was often his own worst enemy. It was this that lay behind his early success, and also behind the stock exchange scandal that saw him blackballed from the City and his beloved country. Taking his wounded pride and his undiminished abilities as a naval commander to South America, he helped liberate Chile, Peru and Brazil from their colonial masters, before returning home to restless retirement. Drawing on his own travels, wide reading and the kind of original research that distinguished Billy Ruffian, David Cordingly tells the rip-roaring story of the ultimate Romantic hero who helped define his age. Cochrane the Dauntless: The Life and Adventures of Thomas Cochrane.

Jackie Stewart AutobiographyWinning Is Not Enough: The Autobiography. Sir Jackie Stewart is one of the most highly regarded names in global sport, winner of three F1 World Championships, 27 Grands Prix and ranked in the top five drivers of all time. On retiring from the circuit, he went on to build an equally impressive international business career. In the 1960s and into the 70s, with his black cap, sideburns and aviator shades Jackie Stewart was an unmistakable icon in a glorious era of style, glamour and speed. On the track, his story is one of drama, excitement, tragedy, controversy, celebrity, danger and massive success. Beyond the sport his life is a compelling tale of battling against the odds and achieving world-wide recognition as an outstanding sportsman, a role model and a highly accomplished and respected businessman. Includes a specially produced DVD featuring rare and previously unseen footage of Sir Jackie's racing career, personal photographs and conversations with Sir Jackie discussing key moments in his life, plus interviews with business leaders, friends and family. Winning Is Not Enough: The Autobiography.

In Search of Robert MillarThe compelling story of Britain's best ever cyclist, one of the most enigmatic, complex and contradictory athletes in any sport, and the unravelling of the puzzle surrounding his sudden and dramatic disappearance. Cyclist Robert Millar came from one of Europe's most industrialised cities, Glasgow, to excel in the most unlikely terrain, over the high mountain passes of the Pyrenees and the Alps. He was crowned King of the Mountains during the 1984 Tour de France and remains the only ever Briton to finish on the podium of the world's toughest race. In attitude and appearance he was unconventional, the malnourished-looking young Scot with the tiny stud in his ear who could be prickly, irascible and unapproachable, but to many followers he was the epitome of cool. Flying the flag for British cycling, this one off original became a cult hero. In Search of Robert Millar will follow the career of this other-worldly character, from his tough childhood on the streets of Glasgow in the 1960s to his move to France and success in the world's most brutal and unforgiving races, including the controversy surrounding his positive drugs test and his enforced retirement from the sport at the age of 36. It examines what set Millar apart from all other British cyclists who tried, and failed, to make an impact in this most European of sports, describing his single-mindedness, his eccentricity and the humour and intelligence that emerged only towards the end of his career. It also proffers explanations for his subsequent disappearance, which repeated a familiar pattern: he vanished from Glasgow and never returned; he left his wife and son and his adopted country, France. Now, it appears, he has turned his back on cycling, amid rumours that he had undergone a sex-change operation. Through interviews with Millar's friends, acquaintances, cycling colleagues and ex-classmates, author Richard Moore helps to unravel the mystery of this maverick Scotsman. In Search of Robert Millar: Unravelling the Mystery Surrounding Britain's Most Successful Tour De France Cyclist.

The Extreme Life of J.S. HaldaneSuffer and Survive: The Extreme Life of J.S. Haldane. John Scott Haldane was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, 1860-1936, and was one of the greatest and most colourful of British scientists, acknowledged as the leading physiologist of the era at a time when physiology and much of medical science was coming into its own. The most successful serial self-experimenter in the history of science, Haldane crawled through the carnage of underground explosions, locked himself in sealed chambers, breathed in lethal cocktails of gases, sampled his own blood, burned and healed his own flesh, and experimented on his own children, in an obsessional push to understand the nature of human respiration. What is expired air? How can you make coalmines safer? What does carbon monoxide do to people? These are just some of the vital questions to which Haldane provided the answers, saving thousands of lives in the process. He also designed the first space-suit and invented the gas-mask, among many other innovations and contributions we still benefit from today. Entertaining and enlightening in equal measure, Martin Goodman's lively and revealing biography casts new light on one of the greatest eccentrics of British scientific and intellectual life. Suffer and Survive: The Extreme Life of J.S. Haldane.

Dougal HastonDougal Haston: The Philosophy of Risk A Scot, and perhaps the most colourful character in British mountaineering, and a man who commanded international respect, Dougal Haston was one of the world's first mountaineers and a man with a rock-star like reputation for heavy drinking, brawling and womanizing. Dougal led the first ascent of the Eiger Direct, featured in the BBC's "Old Man of Hoy" and performed startling feats on Everest and other great mountains. Jeff Connor had full access to Dougal's private journals, and reveals his developing ideas on philosophy, as well as his true thoughts on his peers, bringing to life one of the sport's most enduring figures.

Voices in the Street: Growing Up in Dundee Born in Dundee in 1938, Maureen Reynolds grew up in wartime Scotland, a young girl surrounded by adult concerns, the endless queuing for rations that never seemed to stretch quite far enough, the blackouts and air raids, and as she came of age, a whole generation seemed to suddenly do the same, with the rise of the Teddy Boy and rock and roll. A memoir written with the grace and lucidity of a novel, "Voices in the Street" chronicles a life of typical proportions with all the heartache and hope that entails, and reminds us that the most commonplace stories, properly told, can give a greater insight into a time and place than any of the more exceptional.

Biographical Dictionary of Scottish WomenThe Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women The Biographical Dictionary Of Scottish Women. This biographical dictionary presents the lives of individual Scottish women from earliest times to the present. It explores the experience of women from every class and category in Scotland and the worldwide Scottish diaspora. Each entry seeks to tell a story rather than simply offering information.

Alexander the CorrectorAlexander the Corrector. The bizarre and fascinating story of Alexander Cruden, who single-handedly compiled the monumental dictionary/index,gazetteer to the Bible, Cruden's Concordance, still going strong 260 years later. Cruden's Concordance to the Bible was a monumental achievement; at 2.5 million words, it is four times the length of the Bible itself and in nearly three hundred years it has never been superseded.

High EndeavoursHigh Endeavours: The Life and Legend of Robin Smith A long-overdue appraisal of the life and tragic death of a legend Snapped from life on an expedition to the Pamirs in 1962, Robin Smith was one of the most daring and legendary climbers ever to have tackled a mountain. And he was just 23. This definitive biography draws on contributions from more than fifty people who knew this charismatic and complex young man, as well as diary extracts from Smith himself. A friend and inspiration to many climbers worldwide, including fellow Scot Dougal Haston, High Endeavours is a fitting and long-overdue tribute to one of Britain's most revered mountaineers, and one of the finest books ever written on the allure of the mountainside. Recommended Scottish Biographies.

My Father and Other Working Class Football HeroesMy Father and Other Working Class Football Heroes Stewart Imlach was an ordinary neighbourhood soccer star of his time. A brilliant winger who thrilled the crowd on Saturdays, then worked alongside them in the off-season; who represented Scotland in the 1958 World Cup and never received a cap for his efforts.

Walter SutherlandWalter Sutherland: Scotland's Rugby Legend 1890-1918 Walter Sutherland played rugby for Scotland between 1910 and 1914. He was a brilliant player, a genuine folk-hero and also a very good athlete who also represented Scotland at sprinting. Tragically, he lost his life in the First World War, aged only 27.

Donald DewarDonald Dewar Amongst the many high-profile contributors are Gordon Brown, Roy Hattersley, Neil Kinnock, Malcolm Rifkind, Michael Forsyth, Wendy Alexander, Jim Wallace, Ruth Wishart and Carol Craig. Each essay focuses on a particular aspect of Donald's life, be it Donald the Man (as a young man, a friend, a colleague and a partner); Donald and Labour (as a local member, a Parliamentarian, a Scottish Labour MP and a shadow cabinet member); Donald and Devolution (as an unconventional campaigner, a worthy opponent, a powerful advocate, a 'father of the nation'); Donald and Scotland (as First Minister); and finally Donald's legacy and its effect on the future of Scottish politics. Collectively, these spirited, passionate essays paint a vivid portrait of the life, career and politics of one of the most respected politicians to have served Scotland. Famous Scots.

A Life of SoolivanA Life of Soolivan: Based on the... Recollections of John MacLeod, Gael, Traveller, Rebel, Convict and Raconteur. In 1889, Iain Tharmoid Uilleam of the Barantaich sept of the Lewis Macleods was born at No. 11 Port Mholair, a mile from the outmost headland of An Rubha, Lewis. In the rough, tough world of his teenage years, his prowess as a street-fighter earned him the nickname 'Soolivan' (after John L. Sullivan, World Heavyweight Champion). A born rebel, he railed against every kind of discipline and was always in and out of trouble. Famous Scots.

Gordon BrownGordon Brown The gripping inside story of the complex and ambitious Chancellor of the Exchequer's time in power. Gordon Brown's arrival at the Treasury in May 1997 was greeted with great excitement, not to mention anticipation. Officials of every rank looked on expectantly to see what miracles the chancellor would work. And so, as Master of the New Era, Brown created relationships across every Whitehall department and extended his influence to every aspect of government.

Accidental AmericanAccidental American: Tony Blair and the... Presidency. Tony Blair's relationship with America is one of the most compelling stories of our time. He is the Prime Minister whose bonding with George W. Bush imperilled his political future in Britain, while making him a hero to many Americans after 9/11. In this riveting narrative, James Naughtie asks why America has so taken him to its heart, and what this means for our politics, our leaders and the kind of country we are. Fully revised and updated in the light of the 2004 Presidential election, The Accidental American is an important and timely book, written with wit, verve and an acute eye for the contradictions and intrigues behind the Prime Minister's American adventures. This is essential reading for anyone hoping to understand the enigma of Tony Blair. Famous Scots.

The Knife Man The vivid, often gruesome portrait of the 18th century pioneering surgeon and father of modern medicine, John Hunter. Famous Scots.

Red Sky at Night: Autobiography This work looks at the evryday life of John Barrington, a shepherd to over 750 Blackface ewes who graze near some of Britain's most beautiful hills overlooking Loch Katrine.

A Life of David HumeThe Great Infidel: A Life of David Hume Using original sources, some for the first time, we witness Hume's disappointment with the reception of his Treatise of Human Nature - 'it fell dead-born from the press' - although it is now seen as a pivotal work in European thinking, and follow his adventures during a farcical invasion of France. His Essays and History at last brought him the fame he had sought, but also caused the General Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland to attempt to excommunicate him. The accusation that Hume was an atheist is disproved while, more light-heartedly, his time as a diplomat shows him at the heart of the gossip of pre-Revolutionary Paris, where he was Le Bon David. Back in Edinburgh, James Boswell nicknamed him 'The Great Infidel' yet, like everyone else, sought invitations to Hume's well-stocked table and wine cellar. Hume never married, although he was always a favourite with the ladies for whist and conversation, and he was involved in a preposterous courtship in Turin. He also had a lengthy intellectual involvement with a married aristocrat who was already another man's mistress. The Great Infidel gives a rounded picture of the man, the century in which he lived, his thought, and, above all, his humanity.

The Man Who Saw The FutureThe Man Who Saw the Future: William... Inspired by the Dutch traders in the Caribbean and the exploits of buccaneers and pirates, the young Scottish merchant William Paterson envisaged a new era of world commerce - free trade on the open seas unencumbered by the monopoly trading that, in his view, restricted progress. A bold vision that created powerful enemies for Paterson amongst those who desperately wanted to cling on to the status quo. But he firmly believed in his ideas and during his travels at the end of the 17th century he found what he was looking for. Something that would turn his dream into reality. The "keys to the universe" he called it, the possession and control of the narrow Isthmus of Panama and the establishment of a trading port at Darien. In Paterson's mind, these keys opened the door to a better and more peaceful world. Noble and forward-thinking sentiments today. But at the tail-end of the 17th century, when he embarked on his incredible scheme, they were nothing short of visionary. "The Man Who Saw the Future" charts the story of Paterson's ambitions and the development of his business ideas.

William Beardmore: Transport Is the Thing William Beardmore (later Lord Invernairn) made a considerable impact on the Scottish engineering industry at the turn of the 20th century. Legend has it that he summed up his strategy in a simple sentence: 'Transport is the thing'. Beardmore products included aero engines, motorcycles, cars and zeppelins, while the company also built airstrips and the first flat deck aircraft carrier. William Beardmore was a great innovator but made several strategic business mistakes - a historian of the Glasgow scene described him as "a man whose enormous vision and imagination were probably only matched by his poverty of judgement and lack of business skills."

The Quest for Charles Rennie Mackintosh This is the first study of the life of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Like Charles Rennie Mackintosh John Cairney began his career at the age of 15 at the Glasgow School of Art.He tells of the working life of Charles Rennie Mackintosh as well as the beautiful love story which tragically ended with his sudden death at the age of 60. His wife and co-artist, Margaret Macdonald died three years later.

The Oilmen: The North Sea Tigers The man in hard hat, tartan shirt and jeans stepped down from the helicopter at Dyce Airport. He flourished what one of the waiting journalists later claimed looked like a salad cream bottle filled with flat Guinness. The man said, 'Gentlemen, this, is North Sea oil.' The dramatic announcement on 11 October 1970 signaled the symbolic launch of an exciting new economic era for Scotland. Famous Scots.

Rikki and MeRikki and Me Born Audrey Matheson Craig-Brown - 'Can you wonder I later changed it?' - Kate Fulton fell hopelessly in love with Rikki when she saw him in a production of Noel Coward's Hayfever. The fact that, at the time, he was married and she was only fourteen didn't stop her from dreaming that they could be together. In Rikki and Me, Kate tells her story - from her awkward childhood, early acting career and work as an STV announcer, through to her first marriage to Graham Roberts and then onwards until her adolescent dreams come true and she finally marries Rikki. And then the fun really starts as we're treated to some of those behind-the-scenes stories which never made it into Rikki's own autobiography, Is It That Time Already?. We also learn something of what it was like to live with a comic genius. A funny, touching and revealing account of life with one of Scotland's favourite entertainers.

Whalehunters: Dundee and the Arctic... Few trades were so demanding and dangerous as whaling. The hunt for the whale and its precious oil, bone and ambergris took sailors to the frozen ends of the earth, on voyages that lasted years at a time. Harpoons were thrown by hand from an open boat, which at any moment the whale could reduce to matchwood with a single blow of its tail. This book is not a history of whaling, but the story of the whalehunters themselves. It tells of the experiences of men from little Scottish ports who risked everything for a tiny share in whatever their whaling ships managed to catch. Making a living in this way involved extraordinary adventures, harrowing ordeals and grinding labour: and a courage that was prepared to confront the mystery and terror of the sea. Famous Scots.

The Scottish SuffragettesThe Scottish Suffragettes (Scots' Lives... An inspiring look at the remarkable women who fought so tirelessly for equality. Using new material, this study focuses on the Scottish women of all ages and from all backgrounds who were involved in the non-militant 'suffragist' movement. Unlike their attention-grabbing counterparts the Suffragettes, thousands of women laboured not only for the right to vote, but also for the right to higher education, to separate legal existence from their husbands, and to be actively involved in local government. These were resolute and passionate women, whose lives have been 'hidden from history' but who now receive the recognition they deserve.

Midge Ure, If I Was...: The Autobiography The life story of Midge Ure is that of one of the most successful musicians of a generation, a brilliantly written record of twenty-five years at the cutting edge, and behind the scenes, as a video director, of the music business. Few musicians have had a career of such variety: in the past quarter century he has sold more than 20 million albums and been on a veritable rollercoaster ride through the rock'n'roll business.

Wizards and Bravehearts: A History of... the Scottish National Side. This title reveals the history of Scotland's national football team from 1872 to 2004.

Past ForgettingPast Forgetting: A Memoir of Heroes,... Adventure, Love and Life with Fitzroy Maclean. Veronica MacLean was born in the 1920s in the Scottish Highlands to the illustrious Fraser family and married the diplomat and politician Sir Fitzroy Maclean. "Past Forgetting" is the story of her life played out against the dramatic social, political and diplomatic history of the 20th century. From her acquaintance with the Kennedys, Bushes and the Astors to her friendships with Belloc, John Singer Sargent and Freya Stark, the autobiography also charts her journeys overland to China, Persia and Yugoslavia, her lecture tours in America and her medical mission to the Balkans in the late 1990s. Famous Scots.

Joe JordanBehind the Dream: The Story of a... Scottish Footballer. Joe Jordan grew up in a Lanarkshire pit village, and always viewed football as both a dream and the gateway to a better life. At the age of eighteen, he was spotted by Don Revie, the manager of Leeds United, who signed him to the club immediately. He won the league title with Leeds in 1974, then signed for Manchester United in 1978 for the record fee of £350,000. After the disappointment of losing the 1979 Cup final to Arsenal, Joe Jordan made the break to European football, starting a new life with AC Milan, then Verona. Then followed a successful managerial and coaching career.

Across the Great Divide: Stuart and the... Oregon Trail. This book, drawing on unpublished family letters and journals, tells the story of Robert Stuart's 1812-1813 expedition for the first time. His discovery of the Oregon Trail opened up the West to settlers and ranks as one of the great, untold adventure odysseys of the nineteenth century. In the early 1800s the fur trade was perhaps the largest business in North America with fur trade companies vying for monopoly of the trade in the wilds of America. Stuart, a Scottish immigrant in his late twenties, was a junior partner in John Jacob Astor's Pacific Fur Company (PFC) who set off to establish the first American trading colony on the Pacific coast. A year later, Stuart led a seven-man party overland to obtain desperately needed supplies and support from Astor, who had seemingly forgotten them. Travelling from west to east, Stuart and his rag-tag expedition journeyed through uncharted country, enduring near starvation (Stuart had to prevent one man from devouring his weakened companion), illness, Indian attacks, blinding blizzards and weeks of sub-zero temperatures. Nevertheless, due largely to Stuart's courage, restraint and extraordinary endurance, all of the men made it safely back. Famous Scots.

Elaine's World Best-known as the feisty wife of Rab C. Nesbitt, Elaine C. Smith is one of Scotland''s most popular actresses. In Elaine's World, she charts her career so far, telling the story of her rise to fame and the trials and tribulations along the way.

Nigel Tranter Scotland's StorytellerNigel Tranter: Scotland's Storyteller The definitive biography of one of Scotland's greatest storytellers, written with the full co-operation of Tranter himself and published to celebrate his 90th birthday. Although classic historical novels such as The Bruce and The Wallace made Nigel Tranter a household name, little has been known until now about the life and background of this truly remarkable writer. Now, for the first time, Ray Bradfield tells the fascinating story of the author whose first book was published when he was only 26 and whose extraordinary career produced more than 100 novels.

The Lighthouse Stevensons: The...Extraordinary Story of the Building of the Scottish Lighthouses by the Ancestors of Robert Louis Stevenson. "Whenever I smell salt water, I know that I am not far from one of the works of my ancestors." Robert Louis Stevenson The 14 lighthouses dotting the Scottish coast were all built by the same family that produced Robert Louis Stevenson, Scotland's most famous novelist. Surprised? Bella Bathurst throws a powerful, revolving light into the darkness of this historical tradition. I highly recommend this book.

It's a Funny LifeIt's a Funny Life Jimmy Logan appeared to have it all. He ran a prestigious theatre, lived in a castle, flew his own plane and had one of the best-known faces in Briain. A few years later he was penniless living with his dad. This book tells Jimmy's story.

Scottish Endings: Writings on Death. Ghosts, murders, epitaphs and executions! From prehistoric times to the present day, from Greyfriars Bobby to Burke and Hare, a wealth of information, history and anecdotes on the fascinating topics of Death. Tales of princes and paupers, in Scotland and in foreign field, stories of funeral feasts and customs, extraordinary burial arrangements. Contributions from Burns, Scot, Stevenson, and many others, with famous last words and epitaphs.

Long Way RoundLong Way Round In this highly entertaining book, fellow film actors and bike enthusiasts Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman travel 20,000 miles around the world by motorbike. They will encounter many troublesome situations on the way, ranging from extreme and threatening weather to impenetrable terrain, and will face challenges such as caviar fishing in the Caspian sea, wrestling with the Mongolian Olympic team and riding with the Canadian Mounties. Whilst throwing themselves enthusiastically into the culture of each new country - from Alaska to Mongolia, from Canada to Kazakhstan - the two friends will also have to rely on each other's good humour, as the journey tests their relationship and their stamina to the limits. Long Way Round is the action-packed account of the trip and a true portrait of friendship in extremis - as irreverent, engaging and articulate as Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman themselves.

Stakis: The Reo Stakis Story Jack Webster tells the story of Reo Stakis life: his childhood in Cyprus, family life and early business successes. It describes his new restaurant venture, a risky enterprise in post war Britain and later his hotel and casino.

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