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The Incompleat AnglerThe Incompleat Angler: A Light Cast Over River and Loch A worthy successor to Isaak Walton's The Compleat Angler, Robin Lowes has modestly entitled this book The Incompleat Angler but it is obvious, as Lord Nickson, a lifelong fisherman and in the forefront of the battle to save the Atlantic Salmon, says in his foreword that 'he has underplayed both his great expertise as a fisherman and his wide fishing experience'. His lovely book Tales of Four Seasons was described as a light-hearted ramble through the seasons in word and wonderful photography. In The Incompleat Angler he has provided us with a delightfully light-hearted description, and wonderful photographs, of his exciting fishing memories over many years and in many parts of the world. His obvious fascination in all aspects of natural history comes through and ensures that the book will also delight those who have never handled a rod. Author Information: After a distinguished naval career, Robin Lowes worked in industry. Despite this, he has lived all his life in the country, either in Sussex or the western highlands of Scotland. He has a passion for the countryside and its wildlife and became a fishing fanatic at an early age. As an amateur photographer of note, his work has graced many magazines front cover.

Fishing for Wild Trout in Scottish LochsFishing for Wild Trout in Scottish Lochs A detailed study of the natural history of Scotland's trout. The ecological and social development of loch fishing is examined and the diversity of lochs and key factors affecting successful fishing. A section describing the legal implications of where one can fish is included. Scottish Angling.

Scotland's Classic Wild Trout Waters A practical and informative guide to some of the finest wild trout fishing spots in Scotland, from the clear open lochs of Shetland and Orkney to the tumbling waters of the tweed. It has guidance on the correct techniques and differentiating between rivers and lochs. Scottish Angling.

Fishing a Highland Stream: The Classic... Chronicle of a Love Affair with a River. Subtitled , a love affair with a river, this book is a short but very sweet introduction to the loveof angling, the love of the highlands, or just getting away from it all. One of the few fishing books equally enjoyable to non-fishermen. Scottish Angling.

Where to Fly Fish in Britain and IrelandWhere to Fly Fish in Britain and Ireland... Possibly the most valuable piece of information for itinerant fly fishermen is knowing where and when they can practise their art. To this end, internationally renowned author, photographer and angler John Bailey has drawn on his considerable experience to present over 100 of the best places in Britain and Ireland to catch trout and salmon with a fly. County by county, John Bailey describes in detail each fishing site - offering useful tips on equipment and techniques, so fly fishermen will turn potential bites into actual catches. The book also includes such vital practical information as fishing sites' addresses, contact details, peak seasons, regulations and ticket prices. Illustrated with gorgeous, full-colour photographs and detailed, two-colour maps, Where to Fly Fish in Britain and Ireland ensures that fly fishermen and women will get the most out of each and every fishing expedition. Scottish Angling.

Fly Fishing for Trout Bob Church and Peter Gathercole offer this approach to mastering the sport. Trout is found in lakes, reservoirs, streams and rivers, and for each environment the angler is shown how to change his techniques to cope with the conditions. There are step-by-step photographs of the techniques.

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