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Fine Art Flower PhotographyFine Art Flower Photography: Creative Techniques and the Art of Observation Acclaimed nature photographer, Tony Sweet helps us to see a familiar subject through new eyes in this astonishing collection of flower photography. Ranging from the elegiac to the experimental, these pictures offer a kaleidoscopic survey of innovative photographic techniques, including multiple exposures and slide sandwiching, along with instructions for creating similar effects in your own photography. Perfectly balancing grace and spontaneity, Fine Art Flower Photography ensures that none of us will look at, or photograph flowers the same way again.

Photographing Plants and FlowersPhotographing Plants and Flowers Destined to become the plant photographers bible, this book encourages the reader to see the art and design of the plant and to take photographs that are both accurate visual records and works of creativity. It shows you how to explore the beauty and variety of the natural world - from lichens so tiny they can barely be seen by the naked eye, to the giant gnarled splendour of an ancient beech tree. This book contains everything you need to know to get that perfect shot, including adjusting for variations in light, accurately rendering blues, choosing the right filter and coping with extreme weather conditions. The focus moves from shooting vast landscapes to individual plant portraits, to close-up and macro shots down to photogrpahing subjects on a lightbox to reveal their amazingly delicate structure. Throughout this inspiring and informative book, Paul Harcourt Davies encourages us to see the art and design of the natural world and to take photographs that are not only accurate records of their subjects but also beautiful and unique images.

If Passion Were a FlowerIf Passion Were a Flower Bombay-born photographer Lariane Fonseca was inspired by the writing of Virginia Woolf and the paintings of Georgia O'Keeffe to photograph nature. This collection of her work shows the visual beauty of the world around us and the intricate wonder of nature.

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