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Francis Sempill (1616-1682) - Poet

He was born at the ancestral home of Beltrees in Renfrewshire, Scotland, the son of Robert Sempill.
Little is known about his life except that he studied law, probably in Europe. In 1677 he was appointed Sheriff-Depute of Renfrewshire and he died on 12 March 1682. During his lifetime he enjoyed a reputation as a poet and wit, and although few of the pieces ascribed to
him by literary historians are certain to have come from his pen, he did write a lively autobiographical poem, The Banishment of Poverty by James, Duke of Albany. His name has been linked with the poems 'Biythesome Wedding', and 'Maggie Lauder', which is supposed to have given William Tennant the inspiration for his comic poem Anster Fair.

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