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Frank Fraser Darling (1903-1970) - Naturalist

He was born on 23rd June 1903 in Edinburgh. He was educated at the University of Edinburgh and joined the agricultural staff of Buckinghamshire County Council in 1924. He returned to Edinburgh in 1928 and a number of international research fellowships allowed him to resume his interests in ecology, conservation and agricultural improvement. His research findings won him international acclaim and he was knighted in 1970. Much of his later work was carried out in America, where he worked with the Conservation Foundation of New York, and his ecological research took him to the tropics and the polar regions. Although most of his books are specialized studies, he was no pedant, and in all his works his infectious enthusiasm for his subject is the greatest attraction of his literary style. His Natural History in the Highlands and Islands (1947) is an unsurpassed survey of a part of the country he had come to love during his period with the West Highland Survey between 1944 and 1950. He died on 22 October 1970 in Forres, Moray.

Works: Biology of the Fleece of the Scottish Mountain Blackfaced Breed of Sheep (193 2); Animal Breeding in the British Empire (1934); Wild Life Conservation (1934), A Herd of Red Deer (1937); Bird Flocks and the Breeding Cycle (1938); Wild Country (1938); A Naturalist on Rona (1939); The Seasons and the Farmer (1939); Island Years (1940); The Seasons and the Fisherman (1941); The Story of Scotland (1942); The Care of Farm Animals (1943); Island Farm (1943); Wild Life in Britain (1943); Crofting Agriculture (1945); Natural History in the Highlands and Islands (1947, rev. 1969, with J M. Boyd); Report of the West Highland Survey (1952); Alaska: an Ecological Renaissance (1953); West Highland Survey (1955); Pelican in the Wilderness (1956); An Ecological Reconnaissance of the Mora Plains of the Kenya Colony (1960); Wild Life in an African Territory (1960); The Unity of Ecology (1963); The Nature of a Natural Park (1968); Impacts of Man on the Biosphere (1969); Wilderness and Plenty (1970).

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